Stephen Dweck jewelry - pics

  1. I like a lot of Stephen Dweck designs, but I do not own any pieces. Is anyone familiar with this line? Here are a few pieces I thought were pretty. What do you think? If you have any info about Stephen Dweck please do tell.:P
    bronze/quartz bracelet - $2,750
    (cognac quartz stone with diamonds set in bronze)

    silver and mother-of-pearl bracelet - $445

    cognac quartz ring - $830

    aqua chalcedony bracelet - $1,240
    (aqua chalcendony stones with mother-of-pearl rings)
  2. sorry i don't have any info but i love the last bracelet sooo pretty i was checking out and i actually like a lot of his pieces very pretty and unique! post pics if you decide to get anything!
  3. I want!! :heart:3
  4. My DH bought me a beautiful Stephen Dweck bracelet last year for our anniversary:love: . When I went to Neimans to see about having a link taken out, I found out how much it cost ($1500) and felt shocked:shocked: at how expensive it was!! A few days later I was in Horchow, and lo and behold there is my bracelet for $750. I was pissed:mad: ....I have never seen the same items in Neimans and Horchow at the same time. I called the manager of my Neimans, and not only did he refund the $750, but the bracelet in Horchow was an extra 40% off, so my DH ended up only paying $450.....well, he actually also bought me a pair of shoes with the credit:graucho: ....but anyway...he got about $500 back!!!! I then felt like it was a good deal, and enjoy it even more than I would have, I think!!!!
  5. Annemerrick ~ That Is One Gorgeous Bracelet!!! Lucky Girl!!!!!! :smile:
  6. Kat ~ I Love All Those Pieces. Something About The First One Really Strikes Me! It's Gorgeous! They All Are!!! :smile:
  7. That is a gorgeous bracelet! I'm so happy that you were able to get it at the reduced price. It makes no sense to pay more for a piece of jewelry than you have to.:P
  8. I really love the first one too! The stone is gorgeous! The setting has a vintage feel to it. The only thing I don't like is the price tag.:Push: It will definitely stay on my "wish list" though.:yes: :cry: :P
  9. I :love: it....even more because I felt like it was a good deal!!:biggrin:
  10. I have a pair of silver hoops that I love. I got them from NM not on sale. The pieces are not as pricey as John Hardy or David Yurman, although not exactly in the same category. I see that David Yurman is doing more with stones.
  11. Anne, the bracelet is beautiful! I just love the color and the intricate charms. Your husband has great taste.;)
  12. That he does....I always screw myself if I pick out my own gifts...if I let him do the picking...I always get something awesome:biggrin: !! Maybe not what I though I wanted....but always better!! I have a great hubby!!!:love:
  13. Yes, he seems like a keeper!!:rolleyes:
  14. Here's another fabulous bracelet.:love:


  15. [​IMG]