Stephen Dweck Fall jewelry Collection!!!

  1. He is my absolute favorite jewelry designer and I wanted to share with everyone on the PF!!!
    Stephen Dweck
  2. Thanks for the link. I've been looking at this line for quite awhile but haven't purchased anything yet. I really want to get the tahitian pearl flower ring. It's roughly $1,000. How is the quality of this jewelry line?
  3. Wonderful! Beautifully made, very heavey and sturdy pieces. I only have 3, two bracelets and a ring and my first bracelet I got about 8 years ago and is like new and I wear it a lot. He is amazing and his jewelry is incredible. I highly recommend it!
  4. Yes, some really beautiful piece.

    I remember that ring did really love it. Let us know if you purchase it!
  5. I worked for Stephen for 7 years leaving at the end of march 2006 when i gave birth. His stuff really is beautiful!
  6. !!
  7. :love: I LOVE, LOVE his jewelry. :heart:

    However, I just have two "reservations": 1) I don't like that his gold-tone jewelry is made of brass--the "metallic smell" bugs me, so I prefer his sterling silver pieces. 2) I also think his "older" jewelry was better made--they seem to be more intricate and unique. But I still love his jewelry :smile:
  8. I was just at Saks Off 5th drooling at the Stephen Dweck jewelry. I saw a few bracelets I loved, still pricey at $1000+. Does anyone know if they ever clearance his line at the Saks Off 5th?
  9. I really would like both these bracelets, however, I'd really like to see the first one as it looks bolder.
    SD1.jpg SD2.jpg
  10. How does the quality of Dweck compare to John Hardy? Or, is there just no comparison..?

    Oh, and I thought his gold-toned jewelry was bronze, not brass. Does that have a smell? I think I know what you mean...
  11. its bronze and no smell. unless it gets wet.
    IMO there is no comparison between his and hardys. All of his peices are handmade. SOme of them take three days to make an individual peice. Hence the hefty price tag.
  12. Whoops--I meant to type "bronze" instead of brass! I think my nose is "sensitive" since I always smell the "metallic" scent when I try on his rings. I know that they've done something to reduce the scent, but it still bugs me...

    Regardless, his pieces are beautiful!