Stephen dilemma, decisions, decisions...what do you think?

  1. Well, last year I really debated on getting a Stephen, had one in my hands twice and decided against it...some of probably remember. Well, my SIL ended up getting the second one I turned down.

    Now she has decided she wants to get rid of it, she said it's just too big for her. She only used it once or twice and it is in pefect condition, vachetta looks brand new, still very white. She doesn't want to sell it, as her hubby would probably not let her buy another vuitton (this is the only one she has)....instead she wants to 'trade me', since there is nothing I am really ready to get rid of at this time, I would go buy her what she wants to have something to's not the problem....the problem is I am not sure I want it....

    Part of me regrets not getting it, but part of me says, you hand it in your hands twice, what makes you think this time will be any different....kwim?

    She is thinking she wants something in vernis, probably a brentwood or houston, heck even if she wanted a summit drive that's only 1500, so I would be getting a 'deal'....

    I think part of my hesitation is she kinda expects me to do this as a favor for her....she said, "even if you don't like it, you can sell it...your husband let's you buy and sell at whim, but your brother won't let me do that" just rubs me the wrong way...I don't like the pressure and expectation that I should go along with this plan to basically fool my brother. :sad:

    Am I being too sensitive? Am I crazy to pass up the bag for such a steal?
  2. I Think you already answered your question yourself. You don't really want the Stephen. So give it a pass - tell her staright out that you are not keen on it anylonger and let her sell it on eBay! Don't get it just to please her/do her a favour. She shouldn't put that kind of pressure on you to begin with. Hope it all works out.
  3. If you're not in love with it, don't get it. A lot of people make that mistake.
  4. Dont get it if u dont love it !!
  5. IMHO, the Mono Stephen is a hard bag to give up. I am in love with it and it is also on my DREAM bags list.

    BUT, it is your own decision on wheter you like the bag or not, make you own choice!

    ^_^ Good Luck!
  6. I'd say don't get it. You had already let the bag go twice for a reason I believe. Also, this one would come to you with the uncomfortable feelings/memories attached to it.
  7. I want to love it though, kwim? I love the size, I love that it has a strap.....

    The biggest draw back was the sag, but I could put something in it....

    :push: I just don't know...I think it's not helping that I am ready for something new, yet nothing is appealing to me.
  8. Oh wow, that is a great bag, would you consider the trade knowing that yes you could sell it if you didnt really want it. It is a rare bag, but if it is because you feel guilty fooling your brother , than tell her to sell it and be honest with her hubby.I WOULD GO FOR THE BAG!!
  9. ^^^^ i agree. sorry. i'd go buy her something in order for the "trade" and then sell it if you really don't want it. like you described it, it's in perfect condition so should get a lot on eBay. then go buy something you know you really do want with the money it gets you. honestly i'd feel the same as her if my husband (who i don't have yet but will have to accept my bag addiction lol) didn't let me buy and sell LVs as i pleased. i'd help her out. i don't think it's right to feel so restricted by someone and not be allowed to buy what you want :sad:
  10. That's almost exactly what my friend said...actually she said, "don't be such a **tch....why not just help her out..."
  11. Take away the fact she's pressuring you and imagine you're being offered it by some random person and imagine what you would do. I think the fact you know she's pressuring you is making you make the wrong decision.
  12. ^^^ good point.
  13. If your first response wasn't to jump all over it, I wouldn't do it....sounds like you might be "over" wanting the stephen. it is a great bag though.....
  14. ITA!
  15. its a great deal. over $600 off retail. I would accept the deal. Use the bag for a little bit, if it does not grow on you, then sell it.