Stephen comparison?

  1. What bag is the Stephen in comparison with? Would you all say Speedy 30,35? Tivoli GM? I've never seen one IRL so I am just trying to get a picture. TIA everyone!:heart:
  2. defiinitely bigger than 35, more of Carryall size :yes:
  3. I would say bigger than both the 35 and the Tivoli GM. I use my Stephen when I travel more than when I shop. It isn't a heavy bag so you can use it for shopping, but I prefer to use it when I travel. It easily fits my magazines, a book, some personal items, my camera, cell phone, travel documents, sunglasses in their case, it really holds a lot!
  4. Thanks guys :tup:
  5. Hope you get one, Im dying to get one too!
  6. Omg Sophia, Its my HG! Well besides the Manhattan GM. I fell in love with Ashley Tisdale's Black and cream, but I'll settle for a Mono!!
  7. i'm wanting one also...hopefully i can find an embossed one.
  8. It's a great looking bag. I love the embossed one too.
  9. The Stephen is one hell of a bag but I'm sure you already know that!
  10. I want one too...I love the Leopard one, but will be happy with a mono too.
  11. Haha, yea ^^