Stephanie's little Chanel family! *Pics*

  1. Here is the little Chanel family that I have amassed over the past few months. The top row is: Lady Braid bowler in Red, Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap with New Chain in Black, and Pocket In The City flap-tote in Dark Grey. The bottom row includes: Lambskin Jumbo Flap with New Chain in Dark Grey, Les Marais flap in Black/Gold, Camellia wallet in Dark Grey, and Camellia card holder in Pink. Everything except for the PITC were acquired after I joined the Chanel sub-forum. hehe :yahoo:

    Missing from this photo is the Dark Bordeaux GST. Unfortunately, this bag shape just did not work for me. It's so beautiful, but I decided to exchange it for the Les Marais flap (Larkie's posts on the LM leather did me in :graucho:). Also not pictured is the Lambskin card holder in Red.

    Ladies, you have created a Chanel monster! :yahoo: I am trying to pace myself now, since the Chanel honeymoon period has unofficially ended. Or has it? :rolleyes:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
    Chanel Bags.jpg Chanel Bags 2.jpg Chanel Bags 3.jpg
  2. Great selection of bags, A red LB and the lambskin flap (is that blue fonce?), plus everything else, you have excellent taste, I love them all :tup:
  3. Great collection, enjoy them all.
  4. Wow, you've been busy...Beautiful collection. Congratulations on them all!
  5. Thank you for the wonderful compliment DD101 ! The lambskin jumbo is Gris Fonce. It's called dark grey, but it is actually more of a steel grey with blue undertones.

  6. You have amazing taste Stephanie... I LOVE your collection!!! :heart: :tup: I especially adore the Jumbo flaps (haha, I'm a flapoholic!), and your stunning red LB, but every piece is just beautiful!!! :drool: :heart: Do you have a favorite "baby?" :p
  7. Great color selections.....enjoy!
  8. Steph, GREAT collection! I'm drooling over yours...
    Your LB bowler, grey flap and LM flap are so stunning. Totally TDF..., just love it. And those camellia wallets... ah... just love them!!!

    BTW, Chanel "monster" is fab, chic and stylish :yes:, and that's you: "fab, chic and stylish"
  9. Wow, lovely collection! I especially love the red LB and the dark grey flap :drool:
  10. Love your bags, great collection you have started...honeymoon over - never!!:graucho:
  11. Great collection...thanks for posting the pics!
  12. Wonderful collection! Enjoy them all!!!
  13. Savannah, mycarryon, IceEarl, Mystilleto, and pattihansen - Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments! It means a lot to me!

    Minal - Thank you! My favorite Chanel baby would have to probably be the Grey Lambskin Jumbo or the PITC! The former is so soft and classy, and the latter is so practical and elegant. But it's so hard to pick faves!

    eiffel21 - You are so sweet! Chanel bags make every woman instantly look more chic and elegant. :smile:

    Purrrfect - Thank you again for helping me find my lovely little Grey Jumbo! That started my love affair with lambskin bags. And, you're right - I'm afraid that the Chanel honeymoon may very well never end! Uh oh! :nogood:

  14. WOW, I really love your whole collection, especially your lady braid and black classic flap (can never go wrong with that one!)
  15. I love the diversity in your collection!:tup:Congrats!