Stephanie Pratt Purple Dress??

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  1. Does anyone know who makes the purple leopard dress Stephanie Pratt is wearing at the '08 MTV Movie Awards?

  2. It looks SO familiar but I can't think of the designer! This is going to kill me all day until I figure it out...
  3. I think I saw it was Betsey Johnson.
  4. *bump*

    Searched Betsey Johnson's new collection to no avail...
  5. I had read who designed it awhile ago..but i forget. and can't find it.
    Cute dress tho!
  6. ARGH!

    I tried googling it and everything!

    Someone's gotta know!
  7. It is so cute. It reminds me of a dress Express had last season.
  8. ^i was gonna say the express thing as well
  9. oh wow, that is cute.
  10. Reminds me of Betsey Johnson too.
  11. This is killing me...

    Not a sniff online - just someone saying that she looks kind of hot even in a hideous dress!

    I think it's so cute, got a party coming up that it would be great for.

    C'mon fashionistas out there... you can do it!