1. did anyone buy the stephen embossed ??? :shrugs:went to the boutique today to get the denim cabas raye gm, but they had also received the stephen embossed in ivory. now i don't know which one to get!!:confused1: tell me which bag shoud i get!:hysteric:
  2. Its beautiful! I adore it.. def get it if you can
  3. Stephen
  4. stephan embossed is a gorgeous bag... why dont u go and try both of them and see what looks good on you, whatever u decide you cant go wrong either way!
  5. I love the Stephen, get it in the fawn color it's very yummy!
  6. I think the Stephen is ok but I just loove Polly!
  7. the store is carrying ivory only.....
    i love the charms on the denim raye.....
    but the stephen just gorgeous:heart:
    still i cant make up my mind!!!!:shame:
  8. That's hard! I have the monogram Stephen and love it. I'm also waiting for the GM and MM (Today I think!). I guess I'm no help! :nuts:
  9. They're both completely different looks although with the embossed stephen you'll be able to dress it up and down easier than you can with the cabas!