Stepdaughters First Coach!

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  1. Here is a pic of my youngest Stepdaughters first Coach. I gave her a $50 gift card from Coach for Christmas. She is 20 years old and has a full time job so she paid for the rest of it herself. She was so excited to pick it out.

    Okay, without further delay - here it is.
    Diana First Coach Purse.JPG
  2. Congrats, what a great first bag!
  3. That is a awesome first Coach bag! What a lucky girl! Congrats to her
  4. That is so sweet of you. I'm 25 and that's about the time I got my first "real" bag, although it wasn't as nice as a Coach. I proceeded to do the superbroke grad student thing and, you know what, it was nice to have something nice to go with all that ramen :smile: It can be a nice morale boost even if you just have one or two nice things to wear with your student/TA/whatever wardrobe.
  5. Congrats to your stepdaughter! It's a beautiful bag!
  6. What is weird is her older Sister, who is 22 yrs old, now wants a Coach purse. I assumed that she wouldn't because she never drooled over mine like the younger one does. Oh well, I guess next year they will both get Coach gift certificates.
  7. congrat's to her.. its beautiful!
  8. very pretty. congrats. do u mind if i ask u the style number of it. thanks
  9. What a great bag, congrats on her first Coach :tup:
  10. Great first bag!
  11. I don't remember, I'll text her and see if I can get an answer. I do know the purse is a Hampton Carryall.
  12. Great bag :tup: Congrats to her for getting her first Coach bag!!
  13. That is a great bag, she must be very excited !
  14. well look what you've started... you created 2 more addicts!!!

    tell her i said what a great bag- i'm 21 & i love that style too-- totally in!
  15. great bag!!!