Step vs work? Need to carry on shoulder, need lots of room

  1. I'm already researching my next bag. I have a city, first, and day. I think I want my next one to have more room, so that I can carry it to work. I also need to be able to put it over my shoulder. I love my city, but I don't like the shoulder strap and I never use it, so I don't care that the work has no shoulder strap. I've never seen the step IRL and I haven't spent much time trying on the work. Does the step get slouchy like the city and work do?

    Thoughts? And thanks!!!
  2. I think the step style is adorable, but I think if you want more room than your city, and longer handles that you can put on your shoulder, your best bet is a city. I don't think the step's handles are that much longer than the city...but I could be wrong. HTH!
  3. ^but she's looking at the step and work. work definitely has more room, bar none. it can be carried on the handles altho not as comfortable as the step, i imagine (i don't have a step but it should be the case since it has a longer shoulder drop). personally i found that the outer handle of the work always fell away and it's actually more comfy to carry the bag with the innder handle on the shoulder.
  4. oops, type-o!! I meant to say work! GO WORK!!
  5. no balenciaga is really made for your shoulder. Let me qualify that, you have to be pretty slim for either the brief or the step to COMFORTABLY fit. But don't listen to me. Balenciaga is the best.
  6. I love the look of the Work size. It's very roomy and still able to be worn on the shoulder if needed. It breaks in oh so nicely too. I saw a Work in RH Vert Thyme today and it made me GUSH! Really beautiful...and the leather!!!
  7. thanks all!

    I think I really need to try them on IRL. I'll have to wait until next weekend to do that. :girlsigh:
  8. I have both the Step and the Work. The Step does hold at least as much as the city, it is taller and its handles are longer. I can hardly wear the city on my shoulder but no problem with the step. The step's handles are def. longer than my '06 work's.
    If you want space, space, space, get a work though. I can use both for work, but if I need to carry files or folders, I take the work.

    HTH! :yes:
  9. the work is wonderful. I've used mine everyday for (gulp!) 3 years and it's held up fantastically.
  10. Help!! I don't have any way to try on the bags where I live.
    I think I've narrowed my first purchase down to the Work or Step.

    I want to be able to wear the bag on my shoulder, and I tend to like large bags.

    What do you ladies suggest?

    Thank you!!!!!!!
  11. if you like bigger bag, go with the work, i love the shape.
    i've tried step on the shoulder before and it's not very comfortable cause it has a stiff bottom.
  12. The step is a very unique Bbag that not too many people have. That's why I like it, and why you should get the Step.
  13. I prefer the Work!
  14. I just got my first Work and I love it! Love the size! Good Luck with your choice!! :smile: