step vs city

  1. hi can a kind soul take a side by side pic of a step style together with the city? I am just wondering how the Step will look on me.. thanks !
  2. The step is more of a N/S bag and a city is E/W~ am I wrong?
  3. from the pictures of celebs (hayden) wearing the step, i didn't think they differ a lot e/w or n/s. i actually thought the city's more n/s. maybe cos of the slouch factor, jmo.
  4. I finally got around to taking a side by side shot of my city and step after reading this thread yesterday. The proportions of the two styles aren't a whole lot different from each other. They are both about the same width but the step is a touch taller giving it a boxy silhouette.

    Here is the photo. Eggplant city on the left, violet step on the right.

  5. :tup:thanks for the comparison photo and commentary.
  6. Murasaki, do you know if Step has a taller handles compared to City ? Just wondering
  7. gallicaroses: yes, the step handles are taller/ have a longer handle drop than the city. I believe the city has about a 4" drop. The step has about a 6" drop so it fits on the shoulder nicely. :yes:
  8. Thank you, Murasaki.....Sweet...
  9. I'm sorry... N/S? E/W? Huh? :confused1:
  10. Here is the photo of City Vs Step:

  11. GREAT comparison shot, thank you Murasaki!!! I'm really hoping to get a Step in '08. I think it has a beautiful, elegant, slightly retro shape.
  12. Do they make Step in various colors for next season ? I am just curious...
  13. N/S: North/South - a bag that is taller than it is wide
    E/W: East/West - a bag that is wider than it is tall

  14. Thank you muraska and dabaicai for the comparison photos. Your bbags are beautiful. On a side note, I am just amazed on how people in this forum can "invent" words. I too did not have any idea what N/S or E/W meant! :nuts:
  15. I did not invent these terms~ they have been used to describe bags before. Maybe do some research and you will find this term being used.