Step into the STEP club!

  1. [​IMG]

    Here's mine! :yahoo:
  2. Come on ladies, I've seen lovely Steps in the main forum! Don't be shy, show off your beauties! ;)
  3. I am in :yahoo:

  4. Gorgeous!!! Congrats! :yes:
  5. Jaune Step

  6. Whoa, the Step is loverly!
  7. here is mine

  8. I'm in! Here is my black step, which I am definitely keeping. :heart: her!


    I have jaune as well, but may be returning her. My ivory step is being delivered today (from Aloha Rag), and I will choose between the jaune and ivory bags. Will posts pics of my second step after I decide which one to keep!
  9. Does anyone own the Step in a brown shade? I'm so curious about this particular style/shade combo!
  10. Thanks for this thread SOF, here's my Violet beauty!
    007 - Copy.JPG 010.JPG 012.JPG 028.JPG 031.JPG
  11. These Step bags are lovely:drool:! Just wondering if the handles are longer then on a city and if you can wear it over your shoulder?
  12. ^Yes, they are longer and I can wear the step over my shoulder!! :yes:
  13. I was wondering same as Z& about size?? Is it bigger than city?? or between city and work??

  14. I love your black looks so good on you..Did you get your ivory step..? I would love to see the pics of it...
  15. Overall, slightly smaller than a City, but much bigger than the First.