Step into the Limelight... and join the LIMELIGHT CLUB!

  1. Im so excited to see everyones pictures of their limelight clutch!

    This bag rocks!
  2. I love this bag too! I can't wait for pics!
  3. Ok bvbirdygirl....I'll start....

    Here's mine in Perle...I am in LVOE with it !!!!
    lime1.JPG lime2.JPG lime3.JPG lime4.JPG lime5.JPG
  4. omg^ you got it already?
    lucky! its FABULOUS!
  5. omg gorgeous! youre so lucky!
  6. well! yesterday was the real release day! i know some other pfers ordered some! :p
  7. here's mine in copper...
    22092007042.jpg 22092007043.jpg
  8. ^wow it looks incredible!
    im so glad i waitlisted the copper! it looks prettier in your pictures that on the runway!

  9. ^^^^^^^

    Beautiful bag, Alyssa.....

    I was beginning to feel all alone in here !!!

    Don't you LOVE how you can wear the bag with both casual and dressy outfits? It's such a rare and unique piece, and sooooooo subtle, that it doesn't scream " LV !!!"
  10. bvbirdygirl,

    Haven't you gotten the call yet for yours ????
  11. well, the sa called and said that she had to give the first two she got to the customers before me, but shes getting a couple more in soon, and then she'll call me again.
  12. thanks travelbliss, i can't wait to use it.
  13. how much is it?
  14. it's $1370cad before taxes
  15. it`s TDF!!! :shocked::drool: