Step in Magenta or Red - does it exist? Seen one in store lately?

  1. Hi - I am wondering if the Step was ever made in magenta, pale pink or the tomato red? I think I saw a red one here. Also, has anyone spotted these colors in any store lately?? AR doesnt have it and I dont think Bal NY does either. If you see one, please let me know! Thanks!!! :confused1:
  2. I have not seen a step in Tomato. Nordstrom Arden Fair did have a tomato RH City as of Tuesday night. Would tht do in a pinch? :smile:
  3. ah...I am going to call them (Nordstrom) today! My DH is searching for a Vday gift for me, and I love the tomato! Thanks Grietje!!!
  4. OO A Tomato Step would be soooooooo gorgeous!!
  5. I saw and tried on a tomato step in Printemps Paris (Balenciaga store), but it was last October... who knows?
  6. I've been wondering - do they make every style in every color each season or do they only make certain styles in certain colors - does anyone know?
  7. I'm sure the Step will be coming out eventually in Pale Magenta and BG. I am on a waitlist at Nordstrom, but haven't been notified yet. :heart:
  8. Thanks for the heads up Bags4fun - I am going to get on that waitlist - I'm loving the Step style!! :yes: I think Magenta will be easier to keep clean...
  9. I just talked to Nordstroms and they don't have these yet, but are hoping to soon!
  10. I called today as well, and she told me theyre not getting any more Step style in?? My SA is Alyssa, you are talking about the Sacramento Nordies, right?? Are they actually on order?
  11. I haven't spoken with them for quite a while, but at least i THOUGHT that I was on the list! hmmmmm Maybe I already missed out! I'm going to find out!
  12. Yep, at Nordstrom Arden Fair I am waitlisted for Sky Blue and Magenta Step bags. They are only getting 3 Sky, and 4 Magenta though, so maybe they aren't taking any more waitlisters. IDK!
  13. Yep - Sacramento Nordys - Alyssa - I talked to her yesterday and she said some were coming in.
  14. Hm they must all be spoken for, because she told me no more coming in...darn :crybaby::confused1:
  15. BalNY has the most beautiful Tomato Step I've ever seen. I was just sent a picture and the leather is amazing and the saturation is stellar. If you're still interested, PM me and I'll send you the picture, as my internet is being too frinicky to allow me to upload right now.