Step Done

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  1. I just got told by my SA that the step style has been 100% discontinued for Fall 2009. I know a while ago it was just a rumor on here, but confirmed now.:sad:
  2. That's sad. I just recently discovered that style. I was lucky to get a brand new '07 in Vermillon and it's a great size.
  3. Did they make 2008 Steps? I don't recall seeing any steps in the 2008 leathers but maybe I've just missed them..

    I like the Step style too =(
  4. Yup, I remember seeing ones in Turq and Magenta. Can't recall seeing any in 09 colors, though. This style is cute -- I really don't understand why Balenciaga discontinues certain styles and keeps others :shrugs: Some styles seemed perfectly fine (ex: Purse, Bowling, etc) but away they went...
  5. There hasn't been a Step since 2008. I liked it, too.
  6. I know sapphire was made and I have a black cherry. Also, amethyst was made for 2008.
  7. Yes, they did 2008 and none in spring 2009, so it has already been gone for a season.
  8. opps just sold my violet step! LOL
  9. I like it on Hayden Panitierre, but not on myself. The bottom was too flat... oh well.
  10. Just curious from what year to what year was the Step around for. I just purchased one yesterday, a Black '07.