Step-daughter's Christmas gift - I need your help!

  1. At lunch the other day, I asked my 25 year old stepdaughter if she would rather have one big gift this year instead of a number of smaller ones. She is interested in the one bigger gift and she wants it to be a surprise.

    At first I thought "wow, less shopping/wrapping time for me", but the other side of the coin is that I really have to get the big gift right. So the pressure is on!

    My husband & I usually spend $800 to $1000 on her each year. She's interested in both pocketbooks & jewelry. Her style is very cosmopolitan, sleek and up-to-date. No grunge here. Her favorite stores right now is Limited and New York and Co.

    Since it is one gift, I don't want to blow it. What would you all suggest?

    Thanks a bunch for your suggestions!
  2. I would buy her a nice watch.
  3. How about diamond stud earrings? They'll always be in style, classic and go with everything from suits to jeans to LBDs.
  4. Lv black Epi bag?
    Omega Constellation watch?
  5. I like the watch idea. Why dont you do one with either diamonds or ur fav stone/crystal?
  6. I like the nice watch idea.
  7. as the other ladies said:
    a great watch
    or a great handbag
    a tiffany piece....
    i can't think of anything else right now...mmm...
  8. Great bag, watch, or nice diamond earrings or necklace
  9. I agree with the watch and diamond studs!
  10. I like the nice watch or a classic diamond jewelry ideas.

    Those will never go out of style.

    Save Tiffany's for another day, $1,000 is too much for their silver range, you would end up with more than one piece and she if she wants just ONE present that won't work.

    And $1,000 doesn't do ANYTHING in their gold selection.

    Have fun shopping! What a lucky girl!! :smile:
  11. I would not buy silver at Tiffany's if you want to get her a substantial gift. Silver just doesn't hold value, Tiffany or not.
  12. I am surprised most response arent a new bag .....thats my answer a nice handbag
  13. Definitely a Louis Vuitton!!!
  14. I agree with the handbag - maybe a LV speedy and wallet.
  15. I would say buy her a bag too :smile: Maybe you could get her a Saleya PM, that seems to be the perfect bag for her.

    Louis VuittonSaleya PM$855.00
    An elegant, hand-carried tote in Louis Vuitton's new Saleya family, the Saleya PM is at once modern and timeless. New Damier signatures like the rounded golden links and red microfiber lining add contemporary sophistication. Finished with rolled chocolate leather handles.
    • Damier canvas with smooth dark chocolate leather trim
    • Red microfiber lining
    • Shiny golden brass hardware
    • Rolled leather handles with chunky rounded golden links
    • Zip closure
    • Interior patch pocket and cell phone pocket
    • 13.7" L x 9" H x 5.9" W