Step By Step Photos Of Hermes Craftsman Making Kelly....wooooh!

  1. :yes: :yahoo: This was new to me...but I thought those who had not seen it might find it very interesting. It is a New York Times article and slideshow that demonstrates how Hermes makes a Kelly. Excellent photos. All of this work for just one bag...God bless em!:crybaby: :P
  2. is the link: In the Beginning, There Was Leather. . . .

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  3. Cool! Nice pics - I would love to watch them make a bag... it's amazing how much skill goes into the Hermes bags.
  4. thanks for posting!
  5. Oh so cool!! thanks for posting!!!
  6. Very neat - thank you! :flowers:
  7. Very cool!!! And yes, this place is soooooo addictive! Before you know it, you will have 1000 posts!
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  10. I remeber this froma while ago...and always fun to look at...esp. the inverted Kelly...
  11. I saw this before.

    Today when I was at Hermes in NY I had the pleasure of watching Claude hammering away. He was working on a credit card wallet and he was doing his thing. He is a master craftman. I felt so lucky to see this with my own eyes. I even comented on how quickly he took the hem out and rehemed it. it was amazing!!! I sound like a lush right,.. but claude o claude!!! :love:
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