step by step guide on how to tie a scarf on an LV bag?

  1. Happy holidays everyone!

    I'm about to get a Coach scarf (sorry - can't afford an LV scarf just yet!) that I've been dying to have to dress up my LV bags. I've seen such pretty LV pieces with scarves but I'm clueless as to how to tie it - it's not a skinny scarf that I'm getting though, just a regular square shaped one (i'll post pics when I figure out how hahaha). Silly question I know - do I just tie it the way I would my shoelaces? LOL! Help! :smile: :shrugs:
  2. if you go to LV's site and click on any scarf, then beside it will have a button for "how to tie a scarf" or something and then it'll bring you to 3 (or 4?) demos

    Here's are my results after looking at the demos (sorry for the bra showing through... I didn't realize it would until after taking the pix LOL!)



  3. ^^
    Looks good!!!!
  4. wow they look stunning, i really need to invest in an LV Scarf/Bandeau
  5. wow. are you using the top style as a hobo bag?
  6. whoa! CEC - thanks for the super tip! i'll go over to the website now to check. Super thanks for sharing the modeling pics! you and your scarves look awesome!!! :smile:
  7. Did they show you how to do that too? It looks great on you.
  8. nah... lol

    ya, it's one of the demos:yes: and thanks:flowers:

  9. ~Wow *CEC.LV4eva*...thanx for the great modeling pics.! Great ideas:idea: now, you made me wanna go get me a couple of scarves:girlsigh:~
  10. You did such a good job with the demos! I tried the same with one of my Coach scarves and the hobo did not come out nearly as good as yours lol.

    Did you so something a little different? Because I think my scarf is the same size as yours but it does looks way to small and nothing like yours or the one in the video. Any suggestions?
  11. Those are great pics Cec, thanks for sharing and the scarves look great on you!!!
  12. hmm.. well the size of the leopard one is about 36" or 70cm. Maybe you can try tying the first knot a lil looser, other than this I dunno how to help lol

    and thanks for all the compliments everyone:shame:
  13. wow, cecilia, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup::heart::tup::cutesy:

    merry christmas girlie~!!!!