Step bags in Nordstrom Arden Fair (SAC)

  1. i requested this info for my sister and this is what Barbara emailed me of the Step bags they have.....just thought id post the pics in case somebody wants them.
    Balenciaga Step 001.jpg Balenciaga Step 002.jpg Balenciaga Step 003.jpg
  2. wow...thanks for the info!!
  3. :drool:
  4. beautiful colors!!!they go so well together!!!!!
  5. Does anyone know what green color that Step is?
  6. ^^^^^that looks like Pine!
  7. I am so close to claiming that Pine Step!!!! I'm debating between that or a Day?!! I don't know!!! I just sold an LV bag so I can buy somethinggggg
  8. :crybaby: I'd love the pine step but I'm on a ban...
    go for it, Amanda!
  9. Amanda, get that pine while you can!

    The SAs at Nordstrom Arden Fair are SO helpful!
  10. The Pine looks beautiful-
    I hope you get it before I rationalize getting it which will be ugly, I promise. No more logging onto TPF from the street- I doubt my DH will through me a laptop. That would be bad. :sweatdrop:
  11. [​IMG]

    Woooww !! I love this bag !!
  12. The Pine is lovely :drool::nuts:
  13. Thanks Twiggers, That is a gorgeous bag! Somebody grab it!
  14. my sister didn't like any of the 2 colors that's why i had to call BAL NY for their stock. somebody better grab these before they're gone!!!
  15. I really want it except I just read the thread in the main forum about people not liking their steps because of the structured bottom!!

    I'm getting something in Pine, it's a definite...but I really like the step...but the thread has made me *not* want it...I spend more time debating bbags than I do law schools!!!