Stenosing Tenosynovitis-trigger finger- advice???

  1. Anyone ever been diagnosed with this? I've had pain in my mcp joint of my index finger for about 3 months now. It worsens with activity & wakes me up several times at night. I can't carry anything using my index finger, open jars, turn doorknobs, etc. I don't remember any sort of trauma to my hand. :confused1:

    I went to my doctor who diagnosed trigger finger. He didn't do xrays or any other tests but simply looked at my hand and my range of motion. He suggested I take ibuprofen or aleve for the pain. Well, I've done that for 3 months! He said if it persisted and began "locking" I could return for a cortisone shot.

    I've done research on the web & most list a "catching or locking" of the finger. I don't have that problem at all. Just pain on the palm side of the joint as well as recent swelling on my palm.

    My question- anyone else ever have these symptoms? If so, what was it?

    Sorry to rattle on, just curious....
  2. My mom had sugery for trigger finger on both hands. She had two fingers on each hand that were locking, and her palms were swollen and painful. Her fingers were actually stuck in position. She could move the stuck finger with another finger, but as soon as she let it go, it snapped back into its original position. They made incisions in the base of each affected finger and cut the tendon, I believe. That was several years ago, and she has had no other problems after the surgery.

    I have a friend whose husband was recently diagnosed with this, but his finger isn't locking. He was given a cortisone shot, and I don't think they've done anything else.
  3. Thanks for answering. I guess I'll just go back for the shot. Arghh.... I'm pretty sure it'll be painful but it has to be better than this.
  4. I had trugger thumb: OUCH!! I described it as the worst charlie-horse you can imagine only it goes from your finger (thumb in my case) to your elbow. I didn't mess with the cortisone because it became so painful and the surgical procedure is fairly easy, so I went straight for surgery. I had other hand problems in the past and trusted my surgeon, so it was an easy decision to make. He told me that once he released the tendon, my thumb would work and it did! I had the procedure under a local anesthetic (with a sheet obscuring my view of the "procedure" so there was no risk associated with general anesthesia. It healed up pretty quickly and hasn't bothered me since. This was in 1999.

    Pop me a PM if you have any particular questions.
  5. ^^^PS: cortisone shots do hurt like the devil!! :push:

    You might want to try it first though if you have no history of other tendon related issues.
  6. I have had several in my shoulder- I can't imagine what it will feel like in my hand.
  7. Aw, you're an ole pro! You'll be fine! :biguns:
  8. ouch! sorry to hear you have this problem! my mother had this and it was only resolved after getting surgery... although, it couldn't hurt to try alternative approaches like acupuncture IMO. Good luck to you!
  9. The doc actually called it "mouse" finger, since I work on computers all day long. No matter how much pain, I must visit tPF !:nuts:
  10. my 8 year old brother had surgery for it. and then right after the surgery, his other thumb acted up...and apparently he has it there now. so he's scheduled for surgery in march? he does alot of sports.
  11. We had new flooring installed this weekend so I did alot of moving furniture around. My finger hurt so bad I decided to return to the doc. I got a cortisone shot about 3 hours ago. Dang, it hurt! I'm not wimpy about shots but that one was the pits! They use lidocaine as well so now my finger is puffy, red, and tingly. But I can already feel the pain returning. I hope it works though! I'd cross my fingers, but well, I can't. lol :p
  12. Hi there! Have you tried any physical therapy or occupational therapy? It can really help you. Just a more conservative approach rather than surgery especially in these early stages...
  13. I haven't. If this doesn't help I may try that route. Maybe modifying the way I do things may help too.