Stellina worn Crossbody?

  1. I've been looking at these forums for awhile now, and I'm finally about to purchase my first bag! It's a Paradiso Stellina and im sooo excited. I love the print, and hopefully it will match most outfits. Anyway, I've seen a lot of complaints about the length of the strap and how it's not very comfortable worn crossbody. I'm about 5'4 1/2, do you think this will be a problem for me? Thanks for your responses!
  2. i've seen a few people wear them crossbodied, so i thinks it's more of a personal choice (if your able to wear it that way). but most of the people that i've seen, were petite size.

    i'm assuming then, you don't have it in your hands right now?
  3. No, I dont have it in my hands right now. Im as petite as a twig though lol, I just wanted to make sure there wouldnt be any issues with it =)
  4. I'm 5'6" and wear my Stellina cross body without any discomfort at all. Congrats on your first Tokidoki purchase! :smile:
  5. I love the Stellina for the very reason that it's versatile. I wear it crossbody a lot because I do a lot of things throughout the day and am busy, so I like it to be out of the way. But sometimes it's more convenient to have it on a short strap over one shoulder, like for getting in and out of vehicles when doing errands and such, which I also do a lot of.

    I don't really understand what height has to do with it. Weight might make a difference, if the strap doesn't go around your body and hang as comfortably if you're heavier, but I'm by no means slim, and I'm still fine with it.

    The Stellina is great, as far as I'm concerned. I have five of them, so I think you made a good choice!:tup:
  6. I have a stellina paradiso,too and i'm 5'4. :greengrin:
    I find no discomfort at all crossbody - probably if your boobs are colossally huge. haah!
    The only thing about it is that it, when I walk moves to the front side of my body, maybe it's just me? But anyways, I'D prefer it crossbody rather than on the shoulder.. and the length is just fine.
  7. Haha thanks everyone! Yea Ive been checking out the bag reference post for months now =P but thanks for the suggestion, and it did give me a better idea of the size! I just noticed in a few threads people had posted their heights and complaints about the Stellina's strap, so I wanted to make sure it wouldnt be a problem. It should be here any day now, thanks all!