Stellina! the next shoulder bag??

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  1. lol, I have always somewhat liked the stellina but it was too short for me and it felt odd cos it was too "fat" unlike the ciao where you could just put your hand there on your hips with the bag and not be bothered by it..

    despite that.. i still opted to try out an original first print stellina and bought one.

    at first i was very frustrated with it and i was wondering when i could ever use this if i feel umcomfortable.. so i played around with the strap length.. and pulled it out the longest.. to put it over my neck and shoulder.. ( was too short as i suspected.. ) but then i got frustrated and i pulled it way back..

    then I just realized now that it's actually the perfect strap length when it's pulled way back/short =O so now my search is over for a small-ish/medium, but not so feminine bag..

    it's great for me cos i love messenger bags and this is really not too feminine when it's compared to mamma mias, giocos and bellas. :smile: strap length is awesome too.. and im not bothered by how it feels between my elbows and sides. :biggrin:

    its great!!!

    bad thing is.. now i have more reason to get MORE stellinas. lol:girlsigh:
  2. Yeah, I usually use the stellina as a shoulder bag because the strap is too short to wear across body... I wish the stellina's strap was a little longer, but its still one of my favorite bag styles.
  3. I'm only 5'1" so the strap worn at is longest fits perfectly cross-body for me.
  4. yeah, i :heart: my versatile and pretty roomy! i like how i can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross-body when i need to go hands-free.
  5. haha, so im not the only one who tried to use it as a shoulder bag then!

    Actually, I tried putting it on the left side of my body and it was perfect.. i dunno why but its just so weird on the right.. so now i wear it cross-body. lols

    ah, i guess im really just too comfortable with crossbody bags now =(
  6. i love my spiaggia stellina. it's great 'cause you can stuff all kinds of things in there-- water bottle, cell phone and there are handy pockets in front and the small back zip. only minus is that it doesn't open as wide as some bags. i like to wear is across body-- i am short at around 5' 1" so it's ok for me. glad y'all like stellina, too. btw, the stellina vacanze is available via pre-order at pulse.
  7. I have three stellina's and love them!! It is too short for me to wear cross body but I do it occasionally if I need hands free. It feels comfortable cross body but it just looks a little odd on my larger frame.
  8. I'm 5'1" too so the strap length is great for me (worn long or short). But the best feature of the bag is definitely the pockets- I love not having to open the bag to grab stuff that I constantly need to access. And you can totally fit a ton of stuff in them.

    The stellina is probably my favorite style, along with the mamma mia. Although I like the shape of some of the bigger bags, they look ridiculous on my petite frame and it looks like the bag is carrying me, rather than me carrying the bag.