Stellina or Bambinone


Sep 28, 2007
Right now, I can't decide whether to get the stellina or the bambinone in transpoto. They are both 130 dollars plus tax. WHich one do you like better and why? :heart:


Aug 24, 2007
vancouver, eh
I guess it would depend on what you would most likely use the bags for, or what you would put in them.

I personally like the bambinone over the stellina, seeing as I have 3 of them. Plus I'm not really into the 2 pockets on the outside look. But that's just me.

I wouldn't necessarily base my pick on price. I have no idea if this helps..


mouth like heroin
Apr 22, 2007
the problem with the bambinone is the zipper gets caught on the inside material and gets stuck a lot. i prefer stellina's!


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May 10, 2006
Soul California
I have the same problem! haha I want either in Transporto, but I dont know which. I look at the pros and cons! I like how the compartments are on both bags for different reasons, I like how the Bam has a fuller print of the bag, I like the size of the Stell better, the stap on the Bam hits me at the perfect spot, but the Stell is too short, which I dont mind wearing on one shoulder! hahaha so I guess its based on placement for me. I want one in Vacanze and the other in Transporto!
Aug 6, 2007
the 808 state baby...
BAMBINONE FTW. You can see the print a lot better with the flat front, instead of two pockets on the front. I also think it looks cuter and more dainty. I do own both, but don't use the stellina as often. I probably will sell it eventually :shame:


May 12, 2007
Western Wisconsin - Twin Cities
I love the style of the stellina but it does take some work getting a good print placement. I think it is a sportier look than the bambinone. I love the outside pockets. The back zip one is perfect for my keys and they are secure. One front flap pocket holds my cell phone and the other random things like mint, lip gloss, etc. I like that I don't have to open my purse to get at my cell phone when it rings. When I use a bambinone, which is very rare these days, I never remember what is in each side of the zippered compartments. Oh and one time the inside lining did get caught on my bambinone but I was able to get it out without any damage.


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Nov 16, 2006
Edgewater, NJ
I like bambinone, its one of my fav, its small but it can fit a lot, and I love the shape. I've been using mine for about a year and still havent get the inside lining caught by the zipper yet.


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Aug 26, 2007
hey jlee, is there a way you can try these two styles on and test putting your stuff inside to see if 1) it all fits, and 2) you can access it all easily? To me that's what helps me make a decision.

Or if you don't have a LSS or Macy's or other store carrying these close by, maybe you can imagine whether you'd prefer putting things inside the bag (bambinone, 2 separated zippered compartments, with only a tiny outside pocket for a compact flip-style cell phone) or like outside pockets for organization (stellina, has only 1 main zippered compartment but adds the 2 velcro-closure flaps).

I don't have a stellina so can't comment on that, but I do like my bambinone!

p.s. I also haven't gotten my bambinone's lining caught on the zipper but that's because I shake it a bit before opening so the contents help weigh down the lining away from the zipper. That's after reading some tips on these forums ;) The lining is floating in the bag, not sewn down. If you're aware beforehand then it shouldn't be as much of a problem since you can watch out for it.

For some strange reason with my zucca (maybe the bag was empty and I wasn't paying attention?), somehow the lining of my zucca got a little caught in the zipper before I saw it and was able to work it out -- strange because that one is sewn down. I really must not have been paying attention.


Sep 4, 2007
I think I prefer the stellina because I'd never remember which pocket I put things into for a bambione and it felt a bit like carrying a big brick when I tried it on at the store. I like the outside pockets on the stellina but it is harder to get a nicer placement and the strap is a bit shorter than I'd like because I'm decently tall so I end up shortening it all the way and carrying it like a purse. I don't like how the bambione sticks out at an awkward angle sometimes and I feel like I'd bump into things and get it dirty or possibly scratched all the time because I'm fairly clumsy :sweatdrop:.

I noticed that the lining in all the tokidoki bags are a bit loose, it doesn't seem like they're as streamlined or tight-fitting as other kinds of bags. So even if the lining is sewn down, it still moves around a bit.