Stella's here!!!!


Bonne vivante
Oct 24, 2005
My white Stella came today, and WOW!!! :nuts: It's a gorgeous bag. The leather is soft, the lining is sumptuous and I love the hardware. I promise to post pictures this weekend. It's a bit bigger than I remembered, and probably the biggest bag I own, but I don't think it overpowers me. (I'm 5'1" on a tall day.) Once you take all of the paper stuffing out it doesn't seem as huge. Have to keep it in hiding for a while; those of you with husbands that don't understand the bag obsession know what I mean. ;)
Congratulations on your new Stella! It sounds wonderful!! (P.S. I sometimes hide my new purses in my trunk and sneak them in when the boyfriend is out...hehe).
Congrats....on the new bag. Let's see the pics.. white, soft leather..Yummmy! LOL, my last bag is still in hiding also. It's so cool that we can scream out our joy here. Would be nice to get the same kind of excitement from the guys or even my girlfriends.
OMG OMG I can feel your excitement Pseub:nuts: :nuts: ! Congrats and post pics please for us!! :love: :love: . We'd love to see it and I bet Stella just as beautiful as her name! I loveeee Stella in white:shame: .