Stella vs. Large MP: Which is larger?

  1. hey gals,

    i've owned a stella, and i'm now interested in the Large MP. is it roomier than the stella???
  2. i'd think the stella would be larger...but i dont know because i've never seen either IRL...
  3. I feel the Stella is roomier and also it would be more comfy because of the flat straps as the rolled straps on the MP would dig into your shoulder after a while.
  4. I think they're equally roomy - it's just the way you can fill them. The large MP can be stuffed full of stuff and still maintain its shape. The Stella has a flatter profile, so you can't really comfortably stuff it full of bulky items and not have it bulge out. This is JMO - and I only carried the Stella for a week.

    The large MP fits a TON - but the rolled strap is killer for me.

    They're really different, equally gorgeous, IMO!
  5. I've had both and I guess it depends on what you carry. I tend to carry books, papers and folders- so the tote style of the stella is more useful to me - I've put textbooks and folders and lots of papers in it and it still held up. With the hobo style of the MP I found it to be like a big pocket- all my stuff would be lost in the bottom of the bag.

    I think that the large MP the rolled strap was uncomfortable too, especially if it is weighed down with all your stuff.
  6. I don't have a multi-pocket, but I have several Stella bags and they are really roomy. I love the look of the large multi-pocket, but the opening doesn't seem large enough for me and I think I may have the "black hole" problem. I hate having to dig around looking for things at the bottom of my bag. I might have to give the multi-pocket another try. I really do like them. I love Stella's, though. It's one of my favorite bags of all time. It's a big bag without looking like a HUGE bag.
  7. the stella looks larger, but i think the large mp can fit more stuff. like another poster said earlier, the stella is narrow, so if you stuff it with too many things it'll be unbearably heavy and the bag will bulge out making it uncomfortable to carry. i love the flat straps though. the large mp, while also heavy, is a wider bag and can fit more. it really depends what you need the bag for. if it's for work and school and you plan on carrying a small laptop, books, or files then the stella is the bag for you. personally, i like the large mp better for casual everyday wear.