Stella repairs and/or piping issues?

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  1. Is it possible to repair Stellas (etc) when the edges get a little rubbed? I am worried about what I should do if the piping shows through ... there is no piping showing through yet though. Is there a preventative (aside from excellent care?) Thanks!


    PS - I seem to remember someone discussing this repair, but I can't find the thread (if anyone knows of it?) Thx!:confused1:
  2. i don't know, but i've been thinking the same thing. I know people think I'm crazy b/c (sometimes) i hold my stella instead of sitting it on the floor...

    I'm sure some kind of leather care will help "hide" the rubs, but once the piping is showing I'm not sure there is much you can do...
  3. I never understood why MJ didn't put feet on the bottom of the Stella. It would really make my life a lot easier as I'm always trying to find a safe place to rest this bag.

    Mine is Bubblegum, and I have a scuff at the top of the bag that I would LOVE to get fixed.
  4. I would love to know too. I have a tiny bit of piping showing on bottom of my MP from 2004.
  5. Feet would, indeed, be good. Once, i wrote to a seller of a fake Stella on eBay (which had feet!) and she told me that Marc added this detail for his buyers overseas. Oh, to be so lucky. Ha!
  6. Those silly sellers... they'll think of anything to make a sale.

    I've seen piping replaced on some bags before. Artbag in NYC is well known for handbag repairs of this caliber. I'd try contacting first to see if they can repair it for no cost, or go thru their cobbler, Moda Express before resorting to Artbag.
  7. I bought a Multipocket on eBay, and the seller didn't mention any damages. The leather on one corner was rubbed and the piping showing. I repaired it myself because the seller didn't care about it.

    I used a special leather glue and it made the leather kind of soft and stretchy, and I was able to pull the edges together. I did it while sitting on the couch watching TV, so it's not a great piece of work ;). I'm sure damages like that can be fixed by a leather craftsman with good results.

    It doesn't look too nice in the big pictures, but here are some before and after pictures.
    vorher 1.jpg vorher 2.jpg nachher 1.jpg nachher 2.jpg
  8. ^ Those are amazing results for a DIY repair. Great job!
  9. wow! that is a good job!!

    what kind of leather glue was it?
  10. Wow! - Yeah - what kind? And did it need to match the leather color? (ie. black)
  11. Thank you.

    The glue is clear and dries clear, too. The name of the glue is Rubber Cement and is made by Tanners Bond. It is a US product and should be sold at craft stores that sell the Tandy Leather products.
  12. Lakritze - awesome repair job!
  13. Ditto! I've heard good things about Artbags, as well.
  14. no, Lakritze did that repair herself! :yes:

    (DIY= did it yourself)