Stella RE-ISSUE (w/ buckles) -- is the leather the same quality as the ORIGINAL?

  1. If anyone has (or has seen) both the Stella re-issue and the original Stella, could you please share a bit about how the leather compares on the 2 versions? The design (w/ the buckles) is supposed to be identical (right?), but I'm wondering if the leather on the 2006 re-issues is different from that of the original?

    I'm eyeing an eBay auction right now (#220007416162....I think it's already been posted) and it sounds like what they're selling is the original Stella from a few years ago. The leather looks really yummy on that one. I'm curious as to whether the 2006 re-issue has that same type of leather.

    And is it still possible to find a Stella re-issue on sale at NM anywhere?

  2. Hello, I have several Stellas, including an original buckle pocket design (in grape), two with the nickle pushlocks, and two reissues (in black and in white).

    Comparing the original Stella with the reissues, the leather seems softer. However, the leather on the pushlock Stellas has gotten a lot softer with use (particularly on the handles), so I believe this is do to use. The leather seems equally thick.

    The texture of the oldest bag seems somewhat smoother.

    The only real differences I can see are the color of the interior suede (for example, the original black had a black suede interior, while my black reissue has a light tan suede interior) and the thickness of the handles, where the original seems like the handle leather may be somewhat thicker.

    Hope this is helpful!
  3. You know I had my supscions. I ordered the re-issue stella in black from NM and returned it becasue the quality just did not seem to be the same. Maybe it was just the one I got.