Stella Question

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  1. Didn't it come in a smaller handbag size as well as the larger tote size. I've only ever seen the smaller size twice. Pretty sure they weren't fakes. Once at the salon, a girl had it in black. Once on the subway, a woman had it in pale yellow
  2. If it's a lot smaller, it could be Devon or Cammie.
  3. no, it was a stella, with push lock pockets. And not the anouk either. It wasn't THAT much smaller but it was more of a handbag than a tote.
  4. ?
  5. It sounds like you are talking about the Sophia.
  6. no no no. It didn't have the longer strap. It was a stella! Just a wee bit smaller.
  7. The Stella has two straps, the Sophia has one and is smaller.
  8. I know the difference. Sophia has a messanger bag type of strap. It was a stella... just smaller. light yellow. silver hardware two straps. not tote size. It was small and light enough that she was wearing it in the crook of her elbow while typing away on her blackberry. Not the devon, not the cammie, not the sophia. STELLA.
  9. As far as I know, the Stella only comes in one size and its one of the largest bags MJ made.

    If you haven't already seen it, check out this page, it may help.

    eBay View About Me for vogue1966
  10. Yes I've seen it. That's what I'm saying. It's identical to the stella just a tad smaller.........
  11. I have a Stella and it only comes in one size (it is fairly large). There are other bags that resemble such as the Sofia, Cammie, Anouck (which bag.lover and Roo have already pointed out). If the bag you're talking about is identical to the Stella, but smaller, more than likely, it is not authentic.
  12. ^ ITA. Unless you can see the bag upclose to check the details, i doubt that those are real Stellas. Stella only came in large sizes, the closest would be devon, if that's not even it, then there's a high possibility that it isn't real.
  13. Also, I wouldn't say Sophia has a messenger length strap like Devon. It's more of a regular shoulder strap.
    Who knows about the bag you are describing though? I didn't know until recently that Sofia had come in a huge super sized version (larger than Stella) during the '02 season, (supersize sofia) so the opposite could be true for Stella I guess.
  14. I haven't seen a smaller sized Stella either, not on ebay or anywhere else... and I regularly check ebay listings daily. If there was one made, it's extremely rare, more rare than the larger sized Sophia or the baby sized Venetia. You have us stumped on that one.