Stella or Sophia??

  1. Hi Chicas Bonitas!!!

    I have a question regarding my soon to be purchased Stella or Sophia. I would like to know which one is bigger? I don't care about the dimensions i want to actually "see" what they look like on other people. I'm petite and as much as i love me some big bags i would like something that doesn't look so big on my lack of height self. So, i would greatly appreciate your 2cents and pics if you have any with your Stellas or Sophias. Thanks so much ladies... :tender:
  2. Stella






  3. Oooooh you are sooo good...thanks so very much...!!!Hmm...its so weird i always thought the stella was so much smaller then that? :shrugs::confused1: But if Jada can wear it i guess i can..i'm about her height a wee bit taller....:p Hmmm this is going to be tough...? Thanks MSLGRRL...!!:flowers:
  4. you're welcome. the nice thing i like about the sofia/sophias are that they have 3 compartments. 1 zippered, 1 open, 1 zippered, kind of like the blakes.
  5. i've been asking myself the same question lately....stella or sophia...and now after being set on a stella, i think a sophia would work better for me. great pics!!
  6. I like the organization of the Sophia, but it's just too small for me. And I think the newer Sophias (w/pushlock pockets) are slightly smaller than the original ones (I think the one J Lo is carrying above is actually the 1st season Hobo bag, which looks just like the Sophia).

    I love how the Stella's zipper unhooks at the end, so that you can use it as an open top tote if you want (I never keep my zipper hooked!). The leather is so soft (esp on the older bags) that the Stella kinda slouches if you don't stuff it completely full.

    I love the Stella - its my go-to bag whenever I need to carry a lot of stuff but still want to look stylish (I use it a lot when I take my granddaughter out - I can fit all of my stuff and hers inside w/room left over!)

    Here are two more, of the Stella:


    And Sophia:

  7. I vote for Sophia, maybe because I just got one and I'm in love! It would be nice if it were a little bigger, but I can fit all my necessities very comfortably in it and I love the look of it more than the Stella, personally.

    Here it is on me (I'm 5'3"):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. love the color of yours! what color is that??
  9. I have the Stella in Sap Green (shown above) and could EAT HER FOR DINNER! It is a great bag and can fit a lot of stuff. It just depends on whether you want to simply carry the bare necessities (Sophia) or the extras (Stella). ;)
  10. Love my stellas. One of my best bags!...
  11. the Sophia is gorgeous! My vote goes for that!
  12. diana37~ what's the color of your bag??? it's GORGEOUS!
  13. ^
    Pretty isn't it!
  14. Stella stella stella! :biggrin: I love mine~
  15. Yup, thanks, it is fuchsia. I got a great deal on it too! $318 at Neiman Marcus Last Call.