Stella or Prada: Help Me Decide

  1. I need a carry-on bag big enough to hold a weekend's worth of stuff. I have narrowed it down to two choices--a Prada black nylon or a white Stella McCartney.

    Some things which may not be obvious from the pics:

    The Prada can be folded and put in another suitcase as a spare bag; it fits over the shoulder, but not comfortably, especially if it is full; and it has just one big interior compartment.

    The Stella fits comfortably over the shoulder, and has a number of interior dividers, pockets, etc., including one big enough for a laptop; plus there are a coin purse and two separate cosmetic bags.

    Any opinions on which I should keep?
    IMG_1724.JPG IMG_1725.JPG IMG_1726.JPG IMG_1723.JPG IMG_1722.JPG
  2. i vote prada... bc first of all, it's black, and if it is for travel, it might get tossed around a little. also, the nylon should hold up well in different weather.

    it would be a no brainer if the prada fit well over your shoulder... but i can def. see that factor being a turn-off.
  3. I prefer the Stella, except for the fact that it's white. I love white bags, but for travelling it might be a tad impractical.
  4. i love the stella bag!!! it's beautiful. but for traveling the prada might be better, but only because it is black. if the stella fits over your shoulder that would probably be much more practical, and more aesthetically pleasing if you ask me! :smile:
  5. I don't mean to add to your confusion, but why is it just between these 2 bags? The color white should be OUT for travel but so should a bag that won't go on your shoulder comfortably. It's hard enough to walk thru an airport with a loaded bag much less one that won't go on your shoulder if you need it to and forget about a light colored bag going through security and stowed under the seat in front of you!!! Sorry, but I say keep looking (which is fun!)!!:idea::search:
  6. I would go with prada because its black and more accessible for travel. It would be better to keep looking and see what else is available.
  7. I'd love to keep looking, but I leave in two weeks, so I have to start making some choices. These were the two I liked best of everything I have seen so far. But then I tell myself it is stupid to spend a lot of money on a travel bag, because they always get messed up, and I should just use the luggage I already have. But what fun would that be?
  8. Well if its only between these two bags then the Prada for sure. The Stella bag is definitely practical in terms of compartments but I don't like the white at all sorry!
    I'm not a huge fan of the Prada nylon bags but they are light & practical
  9. Nylon is a great idea since its lightweight and easy to wash, but it definitely HAS to fit comfortably on your shoulder and have lots of pockets, both inside and out.

    I think you can do better than that particular Prada. I ve seen lots of miu miu and prada bags that I like, but their basic nylon bags are a bit... er, dull- and WAY overpriced (no offense, just my opinion.) If I were spending that type of money, I would want a really cool bag that was totally functional, and more stylish as well.

    The stellla is awesome, I love it...but not for travel.
  10. What about one of the Longchamps (le Pliage I think they're called- I could be wrong abt the name) nylon bags? They come in some duffel/travel sizes. Attractive and inexpensive. Then you'll have money left over to buy a really great handbag!

    I too, think Stella products are way overpriced for pleather , nylon, canvas, whatever she uses (MO)
  11. [​IMG]mARC JACOBS $428
    [​IMG]CHLOE $1680

    here are two leather bags that would be great for travel as well as everyday use... I found them both on
  12. I vote for the prada. I have a black nylon prada messenger bag that I use from time to time when I travel and it's great. I don't worry about putting it on the floor below me on a plane (some of my leather bags have scratches from being stuffed under the seat in front). Plus, being able to collapse it into another bag/suitcase is a huge help. The stella is beautiful but not as practical. It probably won't look as good if it gets a bit of wear n tear.
  13. No offense taken! I too think the Prada is a bit dull. Now I am leaning towards going cheap, like the Le Sportsac below, and as someone else suggested, putting the money into a great handbag--I really want a Dior Gaucho, which would be perfect for the trips I will be taking.

    Thanks for all the suggestions; they have given me a lot to think about.
    le sportsac.jpg
  14. i vote for prada too especially as a travel bag i love the nylon as its washable
  15. I love the Stella but find the white colour scary - it would be 'sludge' if I travelled anywhere with it! Great design though and not mad on the Prada . . .