Stella or not???

  1. Now I relize the stella bag is something from many moons ago. It has also been something I have always wanted.I am a big marc jacobs fan! I love the classics with the pockets and the hardware! I saw at an outlet store a baby pink stella for $429! Is that something I should pass on since its an older style... Or should I get it cause I love it and not care!!!!! I need help!!!! :yahoo::hysteric:
  2. Honestly, the Stella is one of the classic MJ bags. And if you love it, why not get it? After all, it's YOU carrying the bag. I also love their classic styles, including the Blake, Stella, and Multipocket.
  3. I love the blake too! Also the multi pocket. I almost got both of those! I was going to get the blake in maroon and the multi in black with gold hardware! I love the stella ....I may have to break!
  4. is it brand new with tags? 429 for a NWT Stella is a good price
  5. Nordstrom Rack had a bunch of these a couple months ago. Regardless, I think it's a great bag at a stellar price!
  6. i agree that it's a classic bag. i'd go for it!
  7. Is this the dusty pink with a raspberry colored contrast stitching? I got a used one off eBay recently (it required a bit of cleaning), but I love it and I've gotten many compliments on it from co-workers. I think the style is very classic MJ, and I love the front zip pocket and buckle pockets--they keep my stuff organized!
  8. Sounds like it might be the Washed Pink Stella that was at Nordies some months ago... any price is good if you can find it brand new! This style has been DC'd since 2005 I think.
  9. You can't go wrong with a Stella. I'm carrying one this week, as a matter of fact!
  10. I love Stella.....but I like the pushlocks better than the older version w/ teh buckles.....which one is it? If the right color came along..I'd def get one too!!
  11. sounds good!!
  12. I love the Stella. It is such a classic bag that is so useful to have in your bag wardrobe.
  13. I carry my Stella everyday- and haven't bought another bag since I purchased it in July!
  14. Give in to your Stella urge! :biggrin:
    It's a classic bag on the same level as the Blake or MP, IMO. Let us know what you decide!
  15. go for it! the stella is such a great bag, and i'm not sure why the company discontinued it. it would be so awesome if they brought it back. it's one of the few bags i own that is so comfortable to shoulder carry. i love the wide straps and how they never slip off, which is a problem with the rolled leather handles of certain styles. i was able to get my stella off of eBay for around $400, so if you can get yours for a little bit more and it's brand new, that would be a great deal.