Stella McCartney

  1. I love this bag

  2. so fun
  3. Cool. I think I heard somewhere that her bags are vegan, but that ones looks pretty leather to me...
  4. Very cute! Love the kiss-lock.
  5. OOOOOOoooooo very very nice!

    LOVE IT!
  6. All her bags an shoes are vegan. There are sooo good faux-leathers nowadays that I could hardly believe they are not real, until I touch them.
    Usually I'm not mad for her stuff, but invariably she comes up with something brilliant, each season. This bag is nice!
  7. absolutely love it!
  8. Gorgeous. But, how does it feel in real life since it isn't real leather? I still can't get over how much she charges for her pleather.
  9. love love love that bag. shes georgeous :greengrin: