Stella McCartney Takes A Naughty Swipe @ Heather Mills ((((snickers)))!!

  1. :sneaky: 4th October 2006

    [​IMG] Little Miss Stella and Little Miss Nobody, who is thought to be based on Heather Mills

    Given the opportunity to help create her very own Mr Men book, Stella McCartney made sure her character resembled her down to the finest detail.
    Like the designer, Little Miss Stella has the 'amazing gift' of being able to make clothes for anyone, a spattering of freckles across her nose and brown hair.

    However on closer inspection it seems there is more than one familiar character in the limited edition Little Miss storybook.
    It tells how Little Miss Stella takes pity on invisible Little Miss Nobody and makes her an outfit that immediately turns her into a somebody.
    Yesterday friends of Stella's were questionnning whether the Little Miss Nobody was a thinly veiled reference to her stepmother Heather Mills who experienced a similarly remarkable rise in fortunes when she married into the McCartney clan.

    One said: 'No one's saying that she wrote this book with Heather in mind but they are obviously a few similarities and a few of us close to Stella in the fashion world are having a giggle about it.' :yes:

    The two women have a notoriously volatile relationship.
    Stella, 35, was said to be unhappy when Sir Paul McCartney began dating Miss Mills and failed to publicly congratulate her father and his new wife on the birth of their daughter Beatrice.

    However their relationship thawed and Miss Mills, who used her famous name to help publicise her charity work, made a point of shopping in her designer stepdaughter's stores and wearing her clothes.
    Miss Mills bitter split from Sir Paul has once again driven a wedge between the pair.

    Earlier this year Stella approached Adam Hargreaves, who took over as author and illustrator of the Mr Men and Little Miss books following his father Roger's death in 1988.
    She is a huge fan of the books and suggested a collaboration.
    1,000 Little Miss Stella books have been produced and are being used as invites to her fashion show at ParisFashion Week today.

    Stella has also created a range of clothes with her character on them which will be sold in aid of The Variety Club, a children's charity.
    In the book Little Miss Stella bumps into Little Miss Nobody, who is invisible, while walking in the woods and takes pity on her.]
    She works through the night to make her an outfit.
    The clothes make Little Miss Nobody visible and everyone starts to say hello to her causing her to declare: 'I am no longer a nobody, now I am a somebody.'
    The comment could well describe 38-year-old Miss Mills' experience on meeting Sir Paul.
    She grew up on a sink estate in Washington, Tyne and Wear, and worked as a cocktail waitress and glamour model.
    Recently pictures emerged of her posing naked for a pornographic German book in the late 1980s.

    They were followed by allegations she had also worked as a high class prostitute during that period.
    After losing a leg in an accident in 1993 Miss Mills threw herself into charity work - organising the export of prosthetic limbs to war zones.
    However her status rose dramatically when she met Sir Paul, 64.
    After they married she styled herself Heather Mills McCartney and travelled the world publicising her minefields and anti-fur campaigns.

    She was interviewed by Michael Parkinson and US chatshow host Larry King and even turned her hand to interviewing, appearing as guest host on the Larry King TV Show twice as well as sitting on the panel of BBC Question Time and appearing on the cover of Hello magazine. She and Sir Paul split earlier this year and are now embroiled in a bitter divorce.
  2. I think that Stella has inherited a lot of her father's famously HUGE ego and sadly, very little of her mother's humility....
  3. I can understand her reasons for being mad at Heather, but that seems like a cheap blow. Her father is divorcing her, and she should just leave it at that.
  4. i want to buy the book
  5. ^^ me too!!
  6. [​IMG] Sorry, gotta get up on the soapbox.

    WTH! This is a CHILDREN's book???? Sorry, not really but, I'd never buy a book for a child with a lesson such that they're invisible until they have a fabulous outfit. OMG! No wonder there are so many messed up kids out there these days.


    K- I'll now step off of the soapbox. Thanks.
  7. ^ I am hoping that the moral of the story is that you are not "somebody" b/c of the clothes you wear.

    If anyone reads the book, let us know what happens.
  8. 1,000 Little Miss Stella books have been produced and are being used as invites to her fashion show at ParisFashion Week today.
    I think there isn't a book, just invites for her show. If there is an actual book by Stella the I hope tabbyco is right & there is a better moral to it.
  9. Stella seems a bit like someone you don't want to ever cross.
  10. I think you are on to something there Marly^^
  11. Nya, I feel sorry for Heather, and when has a child EVER liked the idea of a parent "doing it"????!

  12. I agree... I hope these are only invitations and not made into a children's book.
  13. I think this is TERRIBLE!

    So, Stella is "somebody" because she was born to a beatle? And Heather Mills is a "nobody" that lost her leg but still managed to stand up straight and get on with life. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, and it is not our place to gudge or make remarks about her relationship with Paul M- as we have no rel clue what happened between them.

    I had no opinions about Stella before this. If infact it is true, then she is a vicious child. Doing something like this is nothing but childish.

  14. I completely agree. I find it sad and tragic that Stella appears so too.
  15. Something always struck me as off about Heather Mills. She was just always SO NICE!!! Now with the divorce proceedings in full swing, we see her true colors. Nothing but a golddigger.

    I think Stella had her pegged all along. I don't think she's being vicious. I think she was looking out for her dad who she felt was being taken advantage of by this woman. She could have been wrong in her assessment, but she was, in fact, right. So now she wants to poke fun at her. So what. They've traded verbal jabs for almost 3 years now. Heather has shelled out her insults too. And she certainly never minced words.

    Heather Mills doesn't strike me as a wallflower. A frail woman who will crumble if someone even looks at her the wrong way. Is Stella supposed to keep her mouth shut about what she thinks of HM because the woman lost a leg? C'mon. If you're a b*tch to people in life, you deserve what you get. I don't care what happened to you in the past. HM gets a 'get off scott free' pass for the rest of her life because she's an amputee. How about treating everyone the same.

    The only good things she seems to have done since she's been with Paul is her charity work and having her daughter. I hope she's a good mother because she sure seems like a horrible step-mother and a money-hungry soon-to-be ex-wife.