Stella McCartney Silver Matallic Appaloosa!!!

  1. OK! My client came into my salon today carrying that bag and everyone's jaw dropped and agreed it's absolutely TDF!!!:yes:

    And HONESTLY, I am generally not a very big fan of metallic bags. There was just something utterly *other worldly* about it.

    *** Does anyone know where I might find pictures of this bag and/or where to get it???
  2. Neimans has it and so does intermixx
    its a great bag!
  3. [​IMG]

    OH MY! I could stare at it for days!
    Again, it is utterly AMAZING in real life. I don't think the picture does it quite the justice it deserves.
    Thanks for the tip on where to get it!​
  4. I like it...but the bag is kinda heavy.
  5. Agreed, but honestly, I still can't get over how pretty it is... especially after some wear and it starts to ever so slightly crackle. I am neither a fan of metallic or heavy bags but I think I would make exceptions for this bag.
  6. Nice but not for me!
  7. Really lovely bag.
  8. i love it...i had an opportunity to get the taller version of that bag in navy and passed :sad: i'm so sad...

    try and for the bag also. i love her stuff, but have a hard time paying so much for non-leather.
  9. Ooooooooo sad to pass on this bag...

    And I completely understand and agree about the *non-leather* aspect. I never, everrrrr thought I would consider buying a non-leather bag, and especially one at that price. But again, this bag had such a phenomenal affect on me that I think I would make an exception!:smile:
  10. mauimamma - after i saw the bag i passed on IRL, i nearly died. no one would ever know it wasn't leather...and i'm sure it is very high quality anyway...but you're basically just paying for the privilege of carrying a stella mccartney bag lol! anyway, if you can find it, GET IT!!!! if it speaks to you, you love it, and you can afford it, then who cares that it's not leather.
  11. Amen, sista:smile:... anddddddddd I just read on another thread that humidity isn't so good for leather bags, which is something I have never really thought about and I live in Hawaii (fairly recently moved here and one of my main bags is LV so I wouldn't have noticed yet)... So Stella's just might be good for Hawaii??!!
  12. Stunning bag! But I only buy leather.
  13. cute bag!