stella mccartney shopper - anyone have?

  1. Stella McCartney*-* Patent Shopper*-* Bergdorf Goodman

    i'm looking at getting this from (have a credit), but can't find anywhere that has dimensions. she's going to get me measurements, but so far, all she can say is 'it's huge' :yes:

    does anyone here have it, or has anyone seen it in real life??

    thanks for your help!!
  2. I'm afraid I haven't got one but I love the navy and gold colour combination! :heart:
  3. I know that Bergdorf's has an online chat/customer service. If you call or chat with them, they might have more specifics for you. My local NM's carries Stella McCartney, but I haven't seen that particular tote.

    Good luck!
  4. I found the answer: 16"L X 14"H X 3 1/2"W with a 9" HANDLE .
  5. yay!! you're amazing :yahoo:

    that is huge, isn't it??
    what do you guys think, should i get it? i've loved it since i first saw it...
  6. Well, I love it, too, if that helps! :biggrin:

    ETA: ...and unless you're very petite, I don't think it's too big at all!
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