stella McCartney Handbags??

  1. Does anyone know much about these handbags? :p
  2. Only that I'm not a big fan of them.
  3. I think they are very eclectic and cool --but too expensive for not being leather.
  4. You can usually find some of her bags on Net-a-porter. The newest ones were a boxy style, one color was a distressed brown, another was like a patent red. All are vegan--which means no real leather, but its difficult to tell. I ordered the brown distressed, but I guess for my tastes it was a little ordinary and I'm not sure anyone would have known it was designer (I ordered it because it was on sale at NAP). The red would get a little more attention and I've seen that one on eBay. Here is the link:
    stella mccartney red.jpg
  5. some of them are nice but i cant justify paying that much for non leather things. the same goes for her shoes. a few hundered pound for ugg style boots that are made from synthetic material is just wrong
  6. I love Stella McCartney's designs and have almost bought a few of her bags.

    I particularly love the hobo designs, especially in faux suede.

    I do agree that they do seem a tad overpriced, but then, most designer bags have got a lot more expensive in the last few years (way out of line with inflation).
  7. This was my favourite from the S/S collection, the Wobro:

    Stella McCartney Wobro Metallic Canvas Hobo (on mannequin).jpg
  8. If you liked that bag, why don't you grab the one on eBay? Isn't it the same bag , but in red? $350 as a BIN isn't too bad of a price for non-leather if the quality is good (which I'm sure it is as a SM), but maybe you could get it for even less with an opening bid of $250. BTW, do you know how much that silver bag originally sold for?
  9. It looks really similar but there was something particularly amazing about the silver metallic. It was almost iridescent. It was what me and my co-workers coined as the *ALL PURPOSE* bag that would go with practically anything. But, in a jaw dropping way.
    It's beautiful in red, but if I was going to get this bag it'd be the silver FOR SURE. The silver bag is still available for $1,195.00 @ Intermix NY. It's more than my budget allows right now and there are a few other bags on my list before this one, but maybe somedayyyyyyy...
    I do appreciate the suggestion though!!!:yes:
  10. I'm waiting. I heard a rumor that she was going to do a line for LeSportsac. And then I would have a chance to snag one at a much more reasonable price.
  11. The Wobro looks really cool
  12. I think Stella makes great clothes but her bag is not that popular.

    PS: Her perfume is my favorite too.