Stella McCartney for Lesportsac!

  1. I saw this in the February 2008 issue of Teen Vogue. Sorry it's not a scanned copy, but all I had with me was my camera.

    It actually looks pretty adorable, I think I will probably buy one for myself when they get released!

  2. very cute :tup:
  3. ahh so cute!!
  4. Aww that is cute! that would totally rock if it was a tokidoki print, but I still love the design/style either way!
  5. It is cute! I think I might get one when they come out.
  6. Very cute! Did the article mention when these get released?
  7. It is cute. But completely something that I wasn't expecting. Hmm, I wonder if there will be more wearable pieces in the line. While it is cute I wouldn't wear it.
  8. I'm assuming they come out in Feb, since the article says "available on", and it is from a Feb issue. :shrugs:
  9. That's cool (more to have than to wear, though.) I had been thinking that the Stella bags would look kind of like her adidas bags, but that is really different.
  10. The article does say that it's a "collection of haul-it-all bags & accessories", so the bunny backpack is not the only piece she did.

    Which is good to know.
  11. WOW that's adorable..but i could never wear it, lol.
  12. Really cute, and ITA I couldn't wear it either. Maybe for a young girl?
  13. I just saw that too, and read they will be released Jan 25.

  14. that is too cute for my age.
  15. looks very cute. but looks like something i can make myself (maybe....)