stella mccartney for le sportsac

  1. available for pre order now on
  2. cuteeee!! :drool::tup:
    i might gonna order one.. i like the posh colorblock and purple grey quilted ones.. either in carry all tote, everyday tote, or the small bowling bag.. hmmmmm.. decision decision decision..
  3. I am not always a LeSportsac fan...but the new prints are soooo cute!! I really like the print on the kid's case. Would it be ok for me to order one? I AM petite...:p
  4. ooh i really like the big check case. I love rolling duffles for luggage, that one is super cute, I may have to get it and a carry on bag!
  5. Those handbags are pretty blah for $350 - not sure I like them - especially at that price.
  6. I think that they are cute, but really pricey.
  7. Kinda ugly AND way overpriced.

  8. Just checked this out last night. I agree that they are way overpriced, I was hoping for something a little lower since it's lesportsac.

    I like the travel bag and the totes. But there is no way I will be purchasing one at that price.
  9. IMO I think they are pretty ugly and way overpriced...the one in dark purple is ok..but I still wouldn't pay that much. I could get much better quality totes/luggage for that price.
  10. I saw them - man they are even more pricy than the tokidoki bags - and not as cute!
    I think I will pass on this one unless i get a really great deal on it...
  11. they're disapointing. DEFINITELY not worth the money IMO. I would buy them for like...$30 as a throw around bag. NOT $350.
  12. Cute colors, but too expensive for nylon imo.
  13. WAY too expensive......