Stella McCartney Exmoor Quilted Bag $975, now $299!

  1. I just ordered this bag from Intermix plus I had a 15% off code w/free shipping (it was a welcome/holiday email) they sent me a while back so I paid $255! Pretty fab for a going out bag... Anyone own any SM bags? I know this isn't leather so I'm wondering how the quality and feel is in comparison?

    It's showing as still available so maybe there's more than one:

  2. That's a really cute bag! I believe the pleather she uses is really close to the real thing. I've handled a suede shearling SM bag that felt really close. Please report back when you get it!
  3. Thanks DerbyGirl! You just made my day. :smile: This will be my first SM bag and she looks to be a real beauty.

    Also, after I checked out, I reloaded the page and it looks like I got the last one. I guess it pays to be up this late. :woohoo:
  4. I'll post pics when it arrives. I just got my shipping confirmation, yeah! I chose 3-day so it should be here early next week.

    Glad you got one too shoppe! :tup: Did you use the code? If not, maybe you can call them and have the price adjusted...

    Here's the discount info:
    To enjoy a fifteen percent savings on your next purchase at INTERMIXONLINE.COM, simply enter promo code WELCOME1215 at checkout.
    Your special savings is nontransferable and is not valid for cash. This offer expires 12/15/07.