Stella McCartney EDT help

  1. Hey guys!!

    Let me begin by saying I'm totally in love with the Stella McCartney fragrance. I have the EDT version, but I find (and it seems to be a common thing), that since it's all natural, it doesn't last very long once applied.

    So I was wondering.. Do any of you have a tip or trick to reinforce the staying power? Do you layer? Do you use other products with similar notes? Will buying the parfum help?

    Any ideas on how to make this beautiful fragrance linger on for longer are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  2. parfum always lasts longer than edt... edt is more diluted. good luck.
  3. Yup, I've definitely considered the parfum, only I just bought the EDT and didn't wanna shell out another 80 bucks.

    Does anyone know if the rose fragrance from L'Occitane could act as a good base for Stella?