Stella McCartney Boots

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  1. hey ladies..

    does anyone know what SEASON/YEAR this Stella McCartney boots is from? i just purchased this pair from a boutique, but i got it in a very similar style, just knee length (will post pics soon!)

    but im just wondering what year it is from bc i cant seem to find it anywhere else (other than the Bergdorf Goodman website!)

    this is the link the the BG website: Stella McCartney -  Ribbed Short Boot -  Bergdorf Goodman

    thanks! :yes:
  2. I don't know but I do like them!! They will looks great with jeans and a nice top!
  3. they are such cute little boots.
    Why dont you go onto some of Stella McCartneys previous catwalk collections and see if you can find out what season they are from :smile:

  4. i did! i went through and looked through the runway (complete collection +detail shots) from 2004 (F/W) through 2007 (Spring) and i dont see them!! thats why its such a mystery to me..:confused1::confused1:

    oh, and the boots i got are NOT the one in the pic above..its similar but its a KNEE length one and it has these really cute gonna take pics of them later tonight..dont have the time right now..hahaha...
  5. these are really cute!!
  6. so the year/season of this boots is still a MYSTERY to me but i took some pics !! hhehehe :p
    IMG_2629.jpg IMG_2630.jpg IMG_2632.jpg
  7. Perhaps I'm alone but I can't stand Stella McCartney or her collections. I know it is an obvious point to make but if her father was the great Paul McCartney the best plumber in Liverpool I'm sure she would fall flat on her face.
  8. :push:...well, i dont think Stella or any of us can choose which family we are born into..who our parents are. also, just bc u have famous parents, it doesnt mean u dont need to work hard, esp if u want to succeed in a DIFFERENT business from your parents..i actually like Stella McCartney's clothes and i think she is talented. its ok if u disagree...hehe...

    perhaps her famous last name helped her to get publicity or funding in the beginning of her career, but at the end of the day, her designs still need to sell... and they do! also i dont think everyone buys her clothes only because her dad is famous...they buy the clothes bc they look great!