Stella Mccartney Binx sneaker

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  1. Is there anyone out there who own this pair of sneaker? I've been eyeing on them for awhile but I don't know how they fit. Are they comfortable? Do they fit True to size? where I live they don't carry this, so my only option is to order online and I don't wann order the wrong size. Thanks!

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  2. I am ordering a pair of these-can anyone recommend sizing up or down. I am a half size and they come in full sizes.
  3. Size down generally. These are hard for me because I'd be a perfect 36.5 if they had them. Yet I still have 3 pairs despite them not fitting well. The denim/cloth/canvas ones fit larger than the hard plastic materials so you might get away with sizing down a full size in those.

    My best binx size is a 37 although in the denim pair I should have gotten a 36.
    Some comparisons:
    I wear a 37.5 in Celine skates but have a few 38s that work too, but wear 37 in the Celine pull-on tab sneakers.
    38 in Isabel Marant Bobbys and 39 in Barts.
    36.5 or 37 in Saint Laurent sneakers but 37.5 in their closed boots.
    37.5 in Rag and Bone Newburys and Harrows (with a couple 37 Newburys that are suede) but a 37 in any flat sandals.
    37 in Chanel Espadrilles
    38 in Golden Goose sneakers

    I could probably keep going so if I haven't named a shoe you own feel free to ask...:P
  4. See what I wrote to cakegirl above re: sizing. Yes, they are pretty comfortable although a little stiff and inflexible at first. Any discomfort I have with them comes from the fact that I have to compromise fit-wise, so they are large on one foot and thus rub and scratch a little as the shoe comes off my foot as I walk.
  5. Hi there! Im about to place an order of these Plataforms, but still have come doubts about the sizing. I wear 37 in gucci Ace Sneakers, 37 1/2 in Jimmy Choo Alina Flats but some times 38... 37 in espadrilles Valentino..I was looking at the Velvet Binx or either the python. You said that the plastic runs smaller and fabric bigger? could you please help me to decide the size? Im in between 37 and 38... thanks!!
  6. Go with the 37. These are my everyday shoes, I have 6 pairs now. I have the python stamped ones, I love them. I'm between a 37 and 38 in most shoe brands and have to wear a full insole in one of my feet for these shoes when wearing a 37, so I'd go for your lower number.

    I also wear them barefoot though if that makes any difference to know.

    I sort of take back my original statement of there being a difference between the fabric/canvas and PVC ones. It's pretty negligible, not enough to get a different size depending on the shoe material. The plastic ones just take a bit longer to break in. And by plastic I meant the shiny patent wannabe ones. The ones that are leather wannabe are pretty soft from the get go.
  7. And if you're getting the darker grey python (edit: actually either color!) and haven't found them dirt cheap, PM me. I know where has them on super sale but I won't post it here because someone will buy them before you do.
  8. Thanks for all your tips!! Because I’m new in this forum I guess I’m not allowed to PM you but maybe you can do it? I’m very interested in getting the black velvet and also python (that I just find them on sale in the light beige) but they just have them in 38. You said that the bigger size can be used with an insole? Anyways if you don’t mind I’ll be interested in these sites that you talk about!! Thanks again and happy new year!
  9. I wouldn't go with a 38, I meant I wear a 37 (which is my smaller size) and STILL wear an insole on one of my feet. The 37s are still too big for me.

    But if it's not final sale it doesn't hurt to try I guess. I definitely had to order the wrong size first before getting it right.

    Let's see if I can PM you... if not, fyi you can PM people once you have 5 posts and the forum re-starts itself or whatever you call what it does every couple of hours and recognizes that you've reached the post minimum.
  10. Ok!! I’ll try to get 5 comments, if not today tomorrow. I don’t know yet where to buy them still little bit pricy to get the wrong size and then lose the money for shipping I’m from Rome and they don’t have this model in the store so I can’t try them
  11. I messaged you.

    Two of the retailers I sent you links to are European so hopefully once you switch your shipping destination (I had it set to US) they will still have them in stock and the shipping and returns can be free.

    Farfetch also usually has a great selection of binx shoes, both regular priced and on sale, and may be a good shipping option for you too.
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