Stella McCartney Beach Canvas Tote $38.75 @NM Last Call Outlet

  1. Stopped by NM Last Call Outlet in Discover Mills (Atlanta) and spotted a navy canvas tote. Picked it up thinking that it might be a MbyMJ tote. It was Stella McCartney and had a green stamp on its price tag which means additional 75%off. The tote bag was down from $345 -> $231 ->$155 -> additional 75% off ($38.75) and I paid $36.81 (with additional 5% off with NM charge card).

    Here are some pictures of McCartney Beach Tote. Mine has the same style but different color (Navy) and it has a small chain . They still have one more in the store.


    And one more: If you sign on their emailing list, they also give a black Neiman Marcus tote (not pretty but good for grocery shopping).
  2. Whoa...what a steal! Congrats!