Stella Mccartney Bag... form =/= functionality

  1. One of my recent purchase is a Stella McCartney bag that I bought for 50% off. I fell in love with the way it hung on the stand and of course, its color.
    Thinking it was a great deal, I bought it without hesitating.... I didn't even bother unzipping the side zippers to see if it goes all the way down. (I didn't think it did)

    Well, I took it out for the first time yesterday, and it looked horrible with my wallet, phone and other things stuffed inside. The entire thing just looked like a crumbled green mess.

    I think the worst thing about this bag is how it unzips itself if your things are too heavy. I walked about 2 blocks away from my apartment and felt the bag flopping behind me. I looked down and it had automatically unzipped and transformed into a huge floppy hideous bag.

    Perhaps the intent of the bag is a stylish gym/travel "duffel" bag, but really.... would you ever spend $500+ on a duffel bag?

    Giving the bag a second chance, I unzipped the bag and wanted to see how it would look as a carry-on or gym bag. The bag looked like I was hiding some sort of dead animal inside :push:

    I don't even know what the bag is called. But I'm sort of regretting spending the money now. What do you all think?

    Sorry about the quality of these pictures. I took them with my camera phone at work.




    well, at least it comes with a really cute coin purse that you could hook into the inside of the bag.


    this is what it looks like unzipped
  2. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, or if anyone would want to do it, but maybe superglue the backside of the zipper at the point where you want it to stay so you always get that effect?
  3. Can you take it back for a refund?
  4. The bag is a great idea, it's expandability, but the fact that it doesn't stay where you want it is a pain in the arse. It looks much better in the first few pics than the unzippered last pic; if you can't return it, I'd see about getting some sort of product to spray onto the zips to make them stiffer. Perhaps a starch spray?
  5. In the first pic it doesnt look too bad, but in the closer pics it looks very smooshy-which would usually be a good thing but for some reason it isnt. sorry im not really a fan of the bag, couldnt you try to return it seeing as you arent happy with it either? Tell them it unzips itself, how could they expect anyone to carry a bag that does that?
  6. I agree with noon...return & tell them it unzips itself :sad:
    I also agree with looks pretty great in the 1st much so that I would have encouraged keeping it...until i saw the last pic!!

    It's a shame because i really like the color -- quite unique!! Maybe you can exchange it for a more structured style in a similar color. Keep us posted.
    Good Luck :smile:
  7. Do you have a little padlock? Maybe you could lock the sliders together with a little LV type lock?
  8. Oooh! I kinda like it! :o
    Reminds me of the Anna Corinna Lady Duffel.

    Where'd you get it? I saw it in the Neiman's Look Book awhile back, but haven't been able to find it anywhere else...
  9. I quite like it, but if it's faulty, it's faulty. :shrugs:

    I'd take it back to the store, if I were you. :yes:
  10. I can't get a refund on it since I bought it at a discount. I'm going to look for small safety pins that I'll try to pin under the zippers.

    I bought it in Asia from a store called "On Pedder", they carry a very nice collection of designer shoes, purses and accessories.
  11. I saw a Francesco Biasia bag that was a 'convertible' like this, the thing was when it was folded up in the small position you couldn't put anything inside! Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these ideas but doesn't think them fully through!