Stella McCartney Addidas - run small?

  1. I love the Stella line, but have yet to buy any because I've been told it runs very small - what size should I buy if I'm a size 6? The size L looks like it might fit, but it says for size 12/14 - but a friend of mine says it all runs really small - anyone have anything from this line that can tell me how it runs?
  2. I'm a 6/8 and usually Large or xl fits me. I find most of these lines run really slim.
  3. I love her Adidas line!! I bought pants and a top from the Adidas outlet and they ran a bit large--I tried on size medium shorts and they fell off my hips! I would normally be a 4, s/m -- I think the pants I bought are a medium and the top is a small--but I would have bought size small pants if they were in stock and normally I need medium or large for those kind of tight stretchy gym pants.
    IMG_0889_stella.JPG IMG_0890_stella.JPG
  4. seems like tops run small, bottoms run true to generous IMO.
  5. Thanks so much, this is relly helpful info -I ordered a large jacket and medium running tights - can't wait too get them!! :yahoo:
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