Stella McCartney 22" Carry On--Anybody have it?

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  1. is this a nice bag? are the wheels sturdy? does it hold a lot? i'm thinking of getting one--this is the carry-on size, not the big one.
  2. I was thinking about picking up one, too! I especially like that there is a separate compartment for your shoes. But I'm worried about how durable the fabric is- would it rip easily? is it waterproof? :thinking:
  3. i have the same concerns. i also wonder about the quality of the wheels. i hate those cheapo wheels that get stuck all the time. what intrigues me is the 'travel blanket' that they mention. does this come with some cute little travel blanket? i've looked all over, ebay, LSS, and can't find anything about this bag. huh!!!!!
  4. I'm so excited that you went ahead and ordered it- please let us know what you think once you receive it!
  5. i just got an email from Lesportsac. they cancelled my order. i am sad.
  6. did it state why?

  7. Oh no! I am sad for you, too!! :crybaby:
  8. they said that there was a glitch and they didn't expect such an overwhelming response to the website, and they thought they had more bags than they had. i am so sad!!! i kind of figured that a $400 bag would have good wheels and a sturdy handle, something that i don't have on my cheapie carry on bag!!!! oh well. i should have known. when i ordered some stella items on the regular website, the same thing happened. totally disappointing. oh well. i guess it could have been worse!!!! at least it wasn't a tokidoki bag or something like that!!!!!
    sorry nyshopaholic, i would have liked to file a full report on the quality of the bag, but i guess it was just not meant to be!!!!
  9. since this is not the first time they canceled your order, why don't you demand for a discount on future purchase? i would be so mad if they keep doing this to me.

  10. I can't believe that this has happened to you more than once! Shame on LeSportsac!! :noggin: But I'm sure that you will find an even better bag than the Stella McCartney one for a cheaper price :yes:
  11. I am in the same shoes as you, Bunnyville...

    I was so happy when I managed to order the Stella winter 08 items (esstential day bag and canteen bag in stone) and 2 FIFI in the sky lunch snack bags especially when I saw that the snack bags are out of stocks today.

    My joy ended when I received an email from LSS just now; out of 4 items that I ordered, only 1 item is in stock and I have to reply them within 48hours or they will ship without the missing items. The email just said that those items I wanted were sold out. I mean, if the items were sold out, why were they listed on the website in the first place? Also no mention of refund or reducing my shipment charges as well (my shipping was higher as it was meant for 4 items).

    SIGHZZZZZZ...... :tumbleweed:

    Still sore
  12. i just got back from a trip to ny. i saw the 22" bag at the woodbury commons LSS outlet. i didn't really like it. it's very puffy, and the material isn't that sturdy. the one thing that was interesting was the little blanket that comes with the bag (this is mentioned on the lss website, but without any description). it's a small quilted lap blanket, totally adorable, with no care instructions. the wheels are nice, the handle is sturdy. it's a good value for the money, but i just didn't like it all that much. they had two bags, both in the midnight dark blue color.

    i was totally disappointed with the outlet. usually i can find one or two things worth drooling over, i didn't see anything that was the least bit tempting. i was all ready to spend money, but left the store empty handed!!!!
  13. I saw her bags in Tokyo - the stores that sell LSS in my area don't stock Stella Mccartney's. The material is very similar to LSS Boutique range. I had a bag from Boutique didn't last beyond a couple of months. I attribute it to the very thin nylon material.

    Aside, is it my eyes or do the reindeer backpacks look kinda.. phallic? :graucho:
  14. Thanks for the in-person report, Bunnyville! I love that it comes with the little blanket and has a separate compartment for your shoes. But the fact that the material really isn't that sturdy is the deal-breaker for me.

    I felt the same way about the LSS outlet at Woodbury Commons the last (and only) time I went there. Like you, I was all ready to spend my money, but I didn't see anything I absolutely "had to have". So I spent my money over at the Coach outlet instead!
  15. Went to Seattle's Premium Outlets and saw a number of SM for LSS bags there. bought a Stone rolling backpack carry on it's sort of dark grayish green with nice burnt orange lining. Magnets everywhere I hope it's safe to carry my laptop in. Prices same as the LSSspecials site. Deer backpacks available, really floppy and phallic looking, didn't buy of course. Also the duffel bags were on sale.