stella mcartney shoes

  1. I have these in all white and they are so tight they hurt my feet :Push: I've only seen them on ebay recently. One of my favorite ebay sellers, theitalianconnection, has a few of these. They are great sellers but as they are located in Italy shipping might be a little high if you are in the US
  2. Thanks for the info. I just checked they're items. It seems like he has a lot of those pairs. He's definetely an authentic seller right?
  3. It's a she actually and she is really great, I trust her completely. I've bought a lot of shoes from her and they have all been authentic and perfect. Just be careful of the size, as I said they are pretty narrow and they don't have any give.
  4. Okay, so i'm usually an 8.5 in shoes, do you think i should get a 9 instead?
  5. Shoesizes are always so tricky it's hard to answer. I'm also a 38.5 normally but I go up to 39 in Prada, Choo, Blahnik and from now on Stella.