Stella Handles question?

  1. If any of you own a stella, do the handles easily slip off of your shoulder?

    My LE Stella that I just got, the leather is so smooth that it just slips off of my lap when i'm on the subway... and wearing it on my shoulder is a pain!

    I have the buckles on the middle set of holes, should I move it to the last?

    I love the bag, but it's annoying when it slips off of my shoulder when I'm walking to work.
  2. I kind of flipped my handles so that they fit together better, kind of like puzzle pieces...let's see how I can better explain this...

    I chose one of the handles to be the "top" handle and the other one as the bottom. The bottom handle is flipped over. If I have time tonight, I'll try to post a picture for you to see what I mean if it doesn't make sense.

    Mine is also in the middle set of holes.
  3. I think I understand what you're talking about Suli. You kind of fit one handle into the other so it also contours onto your shoulder. That's how I wear mine too, but the leather seem slippery so it falls off my shoulder LOL.... maybe it was the sweater I'm wearing.. who knows :sad:
  4. I haven't had this problem, but maybe it has more to do with the clothes you are wearing than the bag? My handles are on the bottom set of holes (to make the straps longer).
  5. hmmmmm, thanks for the input, youngprof :smile:
  6. i have mine on the last (shortest) hole. i just like the proportion of the bag better this way.

    i still haven't used mine yet, though.
  7. ^^ You've had it for a few weeks now, Mpark! Uuuuuse it... and tell me if yours slips off. :P :lol:
  8. Good luck with yours...maybe you need to wear it more so that it "breaks in".
  9. Haha, Maybe you're right.
  10. I had this problem too. I moved the straps to the longest setting, and when it's on my shoulder I sort of layer/twist the straps on my shoulder and they stay in place well.