Stella Dilema - I need opinions!

What do I do??

  • Take the $20 and shut up! You got a great deal!

  • Send it back and end up $40 in the hole

  • $20 isn't enough for the refund, let PP decide!

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Jun 27, 2006
East Coast
That is a great deal, so I'd take the $20 and move on. My guess is that the bag came from an Off 5th or a similar store. Those bags just sit out on tables on display, and they can get beat up sometimes. I bought a brand new bag at Off 5th once that had scratches and pen marks just from being out on the tables. I got a great deal, so I didn't mind. But at least I knew that before buying.

how do you explain the handle wear/discoloration?
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Jun 27, 2006
East Coast
Hi all!
So I bought a MJ Stella from eBay for $215 with shipping. The bag was listed as New without tags (which to me means that is hasn't been used EVER)

I got the bag, and for the most part the condition is ok but there seems to be some wear on the handles and what resembles a pen mark on the inside of one of the pockets (small, but i still know it's there). Also, the bottom part of the handles below the buckle are starting to curl up. All of these details are making me think that the bag was in fact used, maybe lightly, but none the less the seller misrepresented the item.

I e-mailed him and told him my concerns, he kind of ignored my questions & concerns about the condition and kept assuring me that the bag hasn't been used and is authentic (i'm not questioning the authenticity, just the usage part)

So after this went on for a week I filed a dispute with PayPal...he kept saying that he'll either refund me $20 for the discrepancy in condition or I can send the bag back to him and he'd refund me 200, (that's the price minus the shipping) and I'd also have to cover his relisting fees as well as the cost to ship it back to him (basically I'd end up in the hole about $40 and no bag).

My thought was that this was not enough and I asked for $50 back to make up for the condition

The problem is this: I like the bag and the condition of it is still ok, it's just I hate misrepresents something like this and I probably would've thought twice about buying it if i knew it's exact condition.

He's also escalated the dispute to a claim at this point and tells me to take the $20, ship it back (lose about $40), or my 3rd option is to let PP decide....

So what do I do? :hysteric:


so after ALL this and waiting for PayPal to respond to this case, I got an e-mail from the seller today stating that if i dont return the bag by THIS FRIDAY he will sue me for:

"$1875.00 for loss of revenue, time, effort, money out of pocket, and legal fees. The fees have been calculated by my attorney up to the first hearing. If she disputes this and makes a motion to obtain legal counsel, the initial filed claim amount will adjust according for more legal work @ $175.00/hr. "

CAN HE EVEN DO THIS???? He's saying I'm the one abusing the PayPal system and that he sold me the bag as new!!!

This is just absurd. I think i'll just e-mail him and ask him what it is I need to do to make him go away.....Any advice?


Nov 19, 2007
Sydney, Australia
OH MY GOD! what a prick! I wouldnt continue conversation with him - just go via paypal.

He can threaten you all he wants - idiot!

You poor gal - am so sorry. Ebay really is full of idiots :cursing: