Stella Comes Home!!

  1. My Butterscotch Stella finally arrived and I just love it! I wish I had been wearing it the other day when I spotted Marc on the street, I of course picked that day to wear my Muse :Push: but either way I'm too bashful to ever do anything when I spot a celebrity. I'm just so happy that my Marc Jacobs bag collection is growing!! I can't wait to get another. I had been looking for a yellow bag for a long while but when I saw this one I just knew it was meant to be.

    Of course I have some pictures to share :biggrin:




  2. Very very cute...I love it. It's such a great color. Congrats on your growing collection
  3. Gosh that is such a gorgeous bag. I love the stella with the buckles, the look is just so classic. The color is absolutely amazing, i'm so jealous!!! :smile: Enjoy her~
  4. gorgeous. The color is so rich.
  5. Luxx,

    Black Stam & Butterscotch Stella are soooo gorgeous, I love them both! Congrats!!! =)
  6. Great color!! Congratulations!!
  7. Oh, that is breathtaking!

    Those two bags alone make quite a collection, I'd say!
  8. lovely lovely. i like how the yellow is subdued and not sun bright. very nice

    and also...
    you met MARC??? WHERE? HOW? WHEN?
  9. WOW !!! I've never seen butterscotch before ....It's so gorgeous! Love black Stam ....Congratulations!!! :smile:
  10. you picked a great bag! congrats
  11. Wow that is a beautiful bag! It looks fab next to your black Stam! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous - the Stella is still one of my very favorite bags and I love that color. Congrats on your new bag.
  13. Great color! Congrats!
  14. Love that! Great addition, congrats!
  15. both bags are beautifull. that stella is such a pretty color.