Stella bag

  1. Hi, what do you think of this Stella McCartney bag? I have it on pre-order....
  2. :yes:
    I think it is reminds somewhat of a Marc Jacob bag with the chain handle.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it. In fact, I saw it recently in a magazine, but can't remember which one.
  3. it's CUTE! but i'm not a fond of that leather type.
  4. Yes, I am not too sure about the leather either.....
  5. ^^ Me too - love the style though:flowers:
  6. I thought Stella McCartney never used leather???
  7. yes, I think you are right.
  8. I like it. Its not leather though. She doesn't use it even on her shoes.
  9. :wacko:
    the style is gorgeous!!!
  10. I just can't make myself pay those prices for fake leather (or vinyl, or whatever she wants to call it). Sorry.
  11. Yesw, you're right...... I am going to cancel my order. I do like the shape a lot but the 'faux' leather bothers me.